Brad Deflin

Brad Deflin

Brad Deflin is the Founder of Total Digital Security, a leader in the emerging Managed Cyber-Security as a Service industry. Total Digital Security manages and mitigates all elements of cyber-risk for families, professionals and small to mid-sized businesses, including PCI, HIPAA and other regulated environments.

Blog Posts

On the log4j vulnerability for private client cybersecurity

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 19, 2021

Client article, Dec.17th,2021

Digital Vaults for Storing Sensitive Documents

Posted by Brad Deflin on October 07, 2021

The leading provider of digital vaults is a Swiss firm, SecureSafe. SecureSafe's parent company is DSwiss, a secure electronic document storage...

The Best Browser for Privacy and Protecting Personal Information

Posted by Brad Deflin on September 02, 2021

Here, we look at internet browsers and make a recommendation for optimal privacy and protection of your personal information.

Goodbye, Google

Posted by Brad Deflin on August 02, 2021

This month's CyberAdvisor covers these four main topics: Decentralizing from Big Tech Essential iPhone security  Living with your VPN Hacking...

Ransomware, Apathy, and AI

Posted by Brad Deflin on June 03, 2021

The top question for my inbox in May was, “How can this happen?” How can a computer virus take down the biggest fuel pipeline in the country? The...

Protect Privacy & Personal Information with Increased Government Powers

Posted by Brad Deflin on April 30, 2021

In late 2020 we began to see an emerging trend at TDS - new clients and others reported terrible experiences with cyberstalking and harassment. Our...

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