Three Strategies for Personal Risk Management in the 2020s

Posted by Brad Deflin on July 03, 2020

Today marks the midpoint of 2020.. Looking at current conditions and thinking about the past six months, it's hard to conceive the range of...

Smart Homes, the Internet of Things, and Ambient Surveillance

Posted by Brad Deflin on October 26, 2019

Cyber Security and the Gates of Wrath

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 12, 2018

Sometimes explaining digital risk and cybersecurity takes imagination. For me, metaphors and analogies abound. Here's another one; think of...

Router Hacks, the Russians, and If Your Alexa Wears a Babushka

Posted by Brad Deflin on April 22, 2018

Is your Alexa insisting you call her Olga? When you ask her about the weather at your summer home, does she reply using the word "dacha"?...

Small, Mid Size Business Wireless Network Security Solutions

Posted by Total Digital Security on February 19, 2018

With daily stories about cyber crimes in the news, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that cyber threats are real and getting worse....

Network Security for home, home office, and remote work

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 05, 2017

Full Network Security - it protects your home or business internet and everything that's connected to it.  Computers, laptops, smartphones, your...

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