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Ready to protect your personal information and technology from cybercrime and digital risk?

Many begin the process by phone with one of our specialists to help guide the way. Others prefer to start by completing a form and then consulting with one of our specialists before payment is made. We also offer some products a' la cart by filling out a quick pre-purchase form online.

Whichever way you choose, we're here to help every step of the way.

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Cybersecurity for Life

Total Digital Security advocates "Cybersecurity for Life." The moniker has been with us since our founding in 2013 and it means that the risk is real, it is existential, and the solutions are not just in technology, but in ourselves.

Our mission is to empower others with the best available digital security tools to protect and avoid digital risk and cybercrime.

We encourage greater digital autonomy for individuals and families and to recognize value in their privacy, personal information, and digital assets.

 Checklist of Best Practices - Click for a PDF download.

Cybersecurity Education and Speaking Services

Contact us for cybersecurity awareness education and employee training, including "Cybersecurity-as-an-Employee Benefit."

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Cybersecurity for Executives, VIPs, and Exclusive Families

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