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We provide cybersecurity solutions to individuals and small groups for protection from cybercrime and online risk. Our focus is on people and helping them protect their personal technology and information to increase privacy and reduce digital risk in their everyday lives.

Our customers include private clients and families, VIPs, executives, board teams, professional advisors, online investors, and others seeking greater privacy, security, and control of their personal information.

The digital security tools we provide are enterprise-grade, simple to install and use, and are monitored and managed in real-time for optimal defenses 24/7/365. 

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What We Do

We provide enterprise-grade digital security tools that protect people and their personal technology from cybercrime and internet risk.

Our cybersecurity-as-a-service model provides best-in-class results delivered 24/7/365 with surprising affordability.

Our sales, service, and support is operated by real people that are responsive, speak plain English, and are experts at helping others find the privacy and security they seek.

What We Do

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How to Get Started

A specialist will guide you through a process that assesses your needs and provides you with options and pricing.

The discussion will, among other things, include private email, device protection for your personal technology, network security for homes and offices, and VPNs. 

There is no obligation for an assessment and quote, and we are available to consult by phone or email at any time. 

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Cybersecurity Products

Private Email by Total Digital Security
Your personal information is valuable. Own it.

Private Email

Off the grid of risk and abuse with "free" email from Big Tech.

Own a private email domain for greater privacy, digital security, and control of your personal information. 

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Device Protection for Total Digital Security
Defend your personal technology.

Device Protection

Enterprise-grade protection for Apple and Windows computers and laptops. Preemptive protection works in real-time 24/7/365 across your personal devices to keep threats out.

Comprehensive defenses prevent ransomware and viruses, phishing, data thieves, spies, trackers, and all other device-related risks.

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MNS Product sq Managed Network Security cable modem and wifi router
Your IT Security Department in a Box.

Managed Network Security

For the ultimate in comprehensive security. Networks, Wi-Fi's, and all connected internet-devices are preemptively protected from your gateway. 

A private VPN encrypts and anonymizes all online activities.

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Use encryption every day.


A VPN encrypts your online activities.

Banking, shopping, browsing - it's all invisible to the outside - including on public Wi-Fi.

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Cybersecurity Education & Training

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Cybersecurity Speaking Events

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