Three Strategies for Personal Risk Management in the 2020s

Cybersecurity for Home and Family Managed Network Security Private Email Cybersecurity for Life Working from home

Today marks the midpoint of 2020.. Looking at current conditions and thinking about the past six months, it's hard to conceive the range of possibilities for the rest of the year. 

Email Spoofing Risks on the Rise

Private Email spoofing email spoofing

Threats and damages from email are spiking. Over the last 60 days, we've seen an increase of over 25% in the rate of new "email spoofing" cases. Some of these cases incurred losses well over $100,000 each. 

Shifting Priorities for Life After COVID-19

Total Digital Security Cybersecurity for Life

Current events have been called by some, including yours truly, evidence that we are entering a historical age and new world order. If the notion is accurate, the last 60 days have set the stage for how to prepare

How'd It Happen - podcast with Brad Deflin

Total Digital Security Private Clients Brad Deflin

I first met Mike Malatesta at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee last December. The YPO had invited me to present "Cybersecurity for Life" at the Lubar Entrepreneur Center, and Mike was in attendance. Shortly

Networks and the New World Order

Total Digital Security Cybersecurity for Life

I started TDS in 2013 with a vision of significant change during our lifetimes.

Managing the Risks of Working from Home

Cybersecurity for Home and Family Home Offices Working from home

My friend Ted Bauman from Banyan Hill included "Managing the Risks of Working from Home" as a "Special Update" in his March Baumann Letter. Ted and I met six years ago when few cared about online privacy and

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