On Private Email Accounts, with Carrie Kerskie

Posted by Total Digital Security on October 05, 2022

From a podcast w/ Carrie Kerskie and Brad Deflin on Private Email, August 2022.

Changes at F-Secure, now WithSecure

Posted by Total Digital Security on May 11, 2022

F-Secure this month announced an organizational change that separates their consumer and business cybersecurity lines. The consumer line of products...

Computer Security - How to protect computer and phones

Posted by Total Digital Security on July 22, 2021

We define the “Three Primary Attack Surfaces” as email, internet devices, and networks for cyber-fraud and online damages. It’s across these three...

F-Secure is Best for Computer Security, Again

Posted by Total Digital Security on April 05, 2021

The thing about cybersecurity is you have to defend successfully 100% of the time. The hacker, on the other hand, only has to succeed once. In...

Network Security for home, home office, and remote work

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 05, 2017

Full Network Security - it protects your home or business internet and everything that's connected to it. Computers, laptops, smartphones, your...

Cybersecurity Solutions -Getting a Little Better All the Time

Posted by Brad Deflin on March 01, 2017

The Beatles once sang that “I have to admit it’s getting better ... a little better., all the time.” You might not read about it in the headlines,...

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