F-Secure this month announced an organizational change that separates their consumer and business cybersecurity lines. The consumer line of products will keep the traditional F-Secure moniker, and “F-Secure Business” is now “WithSecure.”


Since Total Digital Security uses the business lines, our customers are affected by the brand change. Changes will happen automatically, and Windows computers will be the first devices affected.


Brand name changes can be clunky and frustrating. We know. The roll-out will come in stages and depend on the type of device being upgraded. Eventually, the adjustment will be complete and reflected across logos, icons, and other branding elements. 



F-Secure is now WithSecure logo and banner image in purple

“For more than 30 years we’ve worked with partners and customers, shoulder-to-shoulder to take on every threat that the customers have faced.

We needed a new brand that reflects the distinct identity of our B2B offering and helps better meet the needs of our customers. 

The name WithSecure™ puts good partnership at the center of our brand. It has always been at the center of our business.”


F-Secure discovered the first internet virus ever, almost 30 years ago. They're in Helsinki, Finland, and are considered a valuable resource for internet threat intelligence. Their decades of collecting data about internet attacks and perpetrators drive a competitive edge in early-stage threat detection and response. 


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Total Digital Security uses F-Secure's business line to protect Windows, Apple, iOS, and Android devices.  Autonomous systems provide real-time defenses against even the most advanced threats. AI and smart algorithms optimize the security level to keep users safe everywhere, all the time.


Privacy and cybersecurity for the home provide peace of mind and empower people to use the internet with confidence and satisfaction.  Home network security is another key element of protection as is private email for individual and family use. 


For more information about home router security and computer security, visit our Products page.






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