On Private Email Accounts, with Carrie Kerskie

Posted by Total Digital Security on October 05, 2022

From a podcast w/ Carrie Kerskie and Brad Deflin on Private Email, August 2022.

Privatizing Email and Securing Your Inbox

Posted by Total Digital Security on June 21, 2021

Email is where over 85% of all cyber-related damages start. Over 90% of malware is delivered via email. In 2020, malware attacks increased by 358%....

Preventing Email Phishing and Spoofing

Posted by Total Digital Security on November 17, 2020

Prevent Loss from Phishing and Spoofing Emails Anyone using email should be aware of phishing and spoofing emails. In many cases, these fraudulent...

Three Strategies for Personal Risk Management in the 2020s

Posted by Brad Deflin on July 03, 2020

Today marks the midpoint of 2020.. Looking at current conditions and thinking about the past six months, it's hard to conceive the range of...

Email Spoofing Risks on the Rise

Posted by Brad Deflin on June 01, 2020

Threats and damages from email are spiking. Over the last 60 days, we've seen an increase of over 25% in the rate of new "email spoofing"...

Ransomware (Really) is Everywhere

Posted by Brad Deflin on June 25, 2019

The scourge of digital extortion continues to hit hard over the last few weeks since June's CyberAdvisor titled "Ransomware is Everywhere."  You...

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