On the log4j vulnerability for private client cybersecurity

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 19, 2021

Client article, Dec.17th,2021

Next-gen phishing is a hybrid and very effective

Posted by Total Digital Security on November 11, 2021

We're seeing a rash of sophisticated phishing schemes ensnaring even those that are aware and alert to such scams. As we mentioned in November's...

T-Mobile Breach - What To Do

Posted by Total Digital Security on August 19, 2021

T-Mobile said yesterday that data from 40 million former clients and prospective clients plus 8 million current users had been breached.

Cybercrime-as-a-service for Riches and Retirement

Posted by Brad Deflin on August 05, 2019

In July, the Governor of Louisiana declared a state of emergency in response to a rash of cyberattacks against its schools. The declaration is the...

Ransomware (Really) is Everywhere

Posted by Brad Deflin on June 25, 2019

The scourge of digital extortion continues to hit hard over the last few weeks since June's CyberAdvisor titled "Ransomware is Everywhere."  You...

Severe Chrome Vulnerability Reported by Google - Update Immediately

Posted by Total Digital Security on March 06, 2019

Google's Threat Analysis Group reported a "severe vulnerability" in its Chrome browser. The vulnerability is actively being exploited in the wild,...

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On the log4j vulnerability for private...

Client article, Dec.17th,2021

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