For the fastest, most effective track toward individual and cultural adaptation, we provide Cybersecurity Workshops and Bootcamp Programs.


Past audiences include:

* Banks and financial services companies
* Executive boards, management teams, and governance committees
* Educational institutions
* Private investor groups and conferences
* Public sector leadership groups

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Focus on the Individual

The focus of our cybersecurity education programs is on the individual; the human-factor.

"Real change comes from people and culture, not systems and infrastructure."  

For structure and content, we draw on experiential knowledge derived from the field working with people, technology, and the new, digital risks we face in our daily lives. We use our field-based knowledge and insights to influence each audience member to internalize the content from a personal and professional perspective.

Program results individually and broadly include measurable increases in awareness, critical thinking skills, and behavioral adaptation. 

Program types include 1-hour workshops and half-day boot camps that include on-boarding of solutions and tools.

Workshop and Bootcamp Programs

Total Digital Security was founded in 2013 to make best-in-class cybersecurity solutions accessible, affordable, and simple to use for anyone desiring privacy and protection from cyber risk.

Since 2014, we have brought our field-based operating experience to bear for cybersecurity education and training programs.  

"Our cybersecurity education and speaking programs are successful because we focus on people and use original content derived from our extensive experience in the field.

We share our knowledge in a framework designed to advance critical thinking skills, instill digital-age sensibilities, and provoke fresh insights for every attendee."   

Brad Deflin - CEO and Founder

For the fastest, most effective track toward individual and cultural adaptation, we provide Cybersecurity Workshops and Bootcamp Programs. 

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CLE/CE training accredited by the Florida Bar and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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