Private Email Support

Private Email SupportCenter

As a Total Digital Security customer, your Private Email account includes your own SupportCenter.

Your SupportCenter portal is customized to with the information you need specific to your email box and services, including:

  • SetUp Email
  • Fix Something
  • Cloud Drive
  • Stopping Spam and Junk
  • Trending Solutions, Common Questions, and Quick Tips

Log in to your personal SupportCenter with your Private Email credentials, here:

screenshot#1 of the login page for private email support

Agian, the URL for logging in to your personal SupportCenter for private email accounts is:

screenshot#2 of the login page for private email support

Migrating to Private Email

For the migration tool and instructions, click here:

screenshot of login page for private email support migration

New to Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security?

Click to Get Started:

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Q.How do I reset a lost password.
Q.Where I can find migration instructions?
Q.How do I find Source Server information?
Q.How do I get my mail folders to behave across Mac Mail?
Q.What are the server settings for Private Email accounts from TDS?
Q.What is Cloud Drive used for?
Q.How do I import contacts to webmail?
Q.How do I manage Spam and Junk in my Private Email Account?
Q.How do I work with Excel Spreadsheets Online in my Private Email Account? Video
Q.How do I work with Word Documents Online in Private Email? Video
Q.How do I use my online files collaboratively? Video
Q.Why is my email slow to load and says "loading...?"
Q.How do I check the system status for my email account with Total Digital Security?
Q.Is my email encrypted?
Q.How do I add an email signature?
Q.How do I save documents to Cloud Drive?
Q.How do I install Cloud Drive to my device?
Q.What are the technical specifications for compatibility?
Q.How to Avoid Email Spoofing
Q.How do I manage multi-factor authentication?

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