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Private Email

Online resources and help for Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security.

Getting Started

First, webmail

Sign-on to your webmail URL, as received in your email instructions.

screenshot of private email login for webmail

  • access your inbox, drive, calendar, and contacts
  • no setup or configuration is required
  • spend some time in Settings (upper right-hand corner in webmail) to see your customization options

Second, your personal Help Portal

One the best things you can do for fast-tracking to your new private email account is logging in to your personal Email Help Portal.

Your portal is rich with information and resources specifically about your email domain and mailbox.

  • you will want to bookmark and favorite the URL for easy access in the future
  • have your email address and password ready to sign-on

The portal includes "Fix My Email" and "Setup Instructions." 

Next, setup your email on computers and phones

To use your Private Email on your phone or your desktop mail program, use your Help Portal and follow the step-by-step instructions for all of your devices.

  • be sure to complete all steps completely!
  • closing and restarting mail programs and rebooting the device after installation is advised

Importantly, setup multi-factor authentication for Webmail.

Click here for more about managing multi-factor authentication.

screenshot of multifactor authentication security settings in private email-png

Finally, Cloud Drive for Desktop

Be sure to install Cloud Drive to your desktop and laptop computers. It is a great way to store and sync files.

  • install Cloud Drive for Desktop from your personal Help Portal.  
  • click the Install Now button 

This is a video from the product manager explaining installation of Cloud Drive for your computer:

Cloud Drive desktop install scrshot

Managing Spam - click here.

Using and Syncing Calendar - click here.

And that's it!

You're done and on your way, but be sure to visit the Private Email Support and Resources page on our website:


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