New Spam Filters and Controls for Private Email Accounts

New, advanced spam filter and controls are coming for customers using Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security.

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Over 90% of All Email Traffic is Spam

Spam has become more than a nuisance that puts a drag on our productivity and sense of enjoyment from email.  In fact, personal email accounts are now the #1 source of risk for ID theft, financial fraud, extortion, and worse - when you consider the fast-paced convergence of cybercrime with physical crime taking place today.

Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security already employ some of the best spam controls and cybersecurity technologies available anywhere.  Now, along with our partners at Rackspace, we are taking the system up a notch by further enhancing the email experience and improving its overall security with new, advanced Spam Control and Filtering technologies. 

Advanced Spam Control and Filtering Technology

Our new Spam Control and Filtering system takes accuracy and consistency of spam detection to a new level by using multiple screening and filtering technologies, collaborative intelligence, and software tuning and training mechanisms for ongoing improvements to the system.

Over a short period of use and with user-input, the software tuning and training process will be refined, and the need to check the Spam Folder is reduced.  Still, it's a really good idea to get comfortable with the idea of partnering with your email system in the future.  Email will be our primary mode of communications across all aspects of our lives for a long time to come and if you don't control it, someone else will, and their agenda is likely contrary to yours.

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If you are a current Private Email customer, then please read ahead.

Private Email Domain Customers

In the coming weeks, Spam Filtering and Control enhancements will be implemented, and the fine-tuning process will begin. There is nothing you need to do, but we do suggest "partnering" in the process for achieving optimal results and user-experience at your inbox.

In the coming weeks, watch your Spam inbox and use the Settings feature in your webmail portal.  

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When in Settings on your webmail portal, choose Spam Settings.

Then, explore the options and features that empower you to customize and control spam.


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You will also want to keep an eye on your Spam Folder for emails that you want to clear and mark as "Not Spam."  These are called "false-positives," and the new spam filtering algorithms will need a little time along with your input to get the ball rolling.  


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For a video on how Private Email Domains from Total Digital Security work, and how to get one for yourself, click here:


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