What We Do

Total Digital Security provides industry-leading cybersecurity solutions for protection from cybercrime and online risk. We do it by making advanced protection accessible, affordable, and simple to use for everyday use on personal technology. 

Our systems use advanced software and network operations to manage comprehensive protection in real-time using the latest threat intelligence and analytics.

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Protection from Total Digital Security is preemptive, automatic, and highly effective at reducing the risk of cyber-related loss and inconvenience. Our customers include:

  • Private clients, families, and homes
  • Executives and VIPs
  • Professional trusted advisors
  • Businesses and family offices

We provide private client access to comprehensive systems typically used in organizations with stringent compliance requirements or mission-critical operations.

  • Solutions are preemptive, and increasingly reduce risk as they protect over time.
  • Defenses are managed in real-time, 24/7/365, using smart software and the latest threat intelligence. 
  • Technological innovation and advancements are continually added by the well-capitalized IT security industry.

Every customer is a client, and we provide personal support and service that continues for the life of the service. Clients receive regular information and analysis of threat activity, the cyber-risk landscape, and how it pertains to them in their everyday lives, personally and professionally.  

How We Do It

We operate as an internet platform to make enterprise-grade digital security systems accessible, affordable, and simple for individuals to use on all their personal technology.

Managed solutions

Systems are monitored and managed in real-time, 24/7/365.
  • Data centers continually calibrate for optimal performance
  • Six independent threat-intelligence databases
  • AI and M/L enhanced
  • Auto-updates of system and 3rd party software

Protection from inbound threats, and outgoing information is automatically encrypted across

  • Email
  • Computers and phones
  • Home and office networks and Wi-Fi
  • Online activities

Services are:

  • Comprehensive
  • Software-defined
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable annual subscriptions
  • Compatible with all Apple, Windows, and Android devices

Onboarding and Service

  • Download and install software
  • Personal service
  • Ongoing information, reports, alerts, and feedback

What We Believe

The New Age of Risk

Cybercrime and its associated costs remind us a new era is at hand. Most are woefully unaware of what is happening, and massively unprepared for what is to come. Yet. innovation from the cybersecurity industry is driving solutions that are affordable, increasingly effective, and simple enough for anyone to use.

  • Cybersecurity solutions represent tremendous economic and social value to the consumer.
  • We believe deciding to get serious about cyber risk is one of the smartest decisions you can make today.

Life-skills for the Future

We believe a new set of life-skills is required for survival and success in the digital age.

  • Personal cybersecurity and privacy choices
  • Use of encryption for digital activities
  • New critical-thinking skills
  • Sense of value for privacy and personal information

Self-empowerment is the key

Using cybersecurity solutions in everyday life vastly increases awareness, adaptation rates, and behavioral change.

  • Taking “ownership” of personal information and email.
  • Claiming opportunities for digital autonomy from Big Tech, Big Government, and Big Business.

Who We Are

The Company

The Total Digital Security Corporation (TDS) is a Florida “C” company started in 2013 in Palm Beach by Brad Deflin.

TDS acts as an internet platform providing advanced, enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions to individuals and small groups.


Brad Deflin – Founder and CEO. Brad founded Total Digital Security after 25 years in executive leadership roles with Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo, and J.P. Morgan. Brad’s career in the financial services industry honed his expertise in operations technology, risk management, and online digital security. The experience fueled his vision for a comprehensive approach to providing individuals and personal technology with enterprise-grade protection from cyber risk. 

Diane Kisner – VP Sales. Diane’s professional experience begins with her 16 years at CIGNA Insurance Corporation where she was responsible for local area network installations, new software deployment to salespeople, and technical support for executive personnel. She was co-founder and director at E-Vault LLC, a web-enabled, secure document imaging, retrieval and storage system for lawyers and other professionals. Before TDS, she was a member of the startup team and VP of Strategic Initiatives for YIPTV, an “over-the-top” (OTT) platform distributing live streaming content over the internet.

Frank Diaz – VP Operations and Support. Frank’s experience as a managed services provider with enterprise-class technology and large organizations brings our clients the institutional knowledge and real-world experience necessary to make it simple, yet highly effective.

Emily Parsons - Support and Service. Emily has over 4 years experience in supporting and servicing clients with Total Digital Security. 

Our Service

Sales, service, and support are operated by real people that are responsive, don’t use jargon or tech-speak, and are experts at helping others find the privacy and security they need.

Contact us for more.


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