Live Stream Event - Brad Deflin on Online Risk and Cybersecurity.

I'll be live streaming from an interview with Marc Bernier on the SpeakER Series at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University this coming Monday, November 13th 7-9pm EST.  We'll talk about how we started Total Digital Security, what we've learned, and what we are seeing from the field.  Survival and success in the digital age is the overall theme.  Our experience at both training and educating individuals and empowering them with tools to protect themselves, gives us a distinct view of what's happening where the rubber hits the road in cybercrime today.

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Topics: Total Digital Security, Education, Training, and Speaking

New Spam Filters and Controls for Private Email Accounts

New, advanced spam filter and controls are coming for customers using Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security.

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Topics: Total Digital Security, Private Email Domains

Surviving Equifax and the New Normal for Cybercrime.

If you haven't accepted the "new normal" for cyber risk yet, the Equifax breach ought to do the trick.  Here's the why, what, and how of freezing your credit files and much more.

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Topics: Privacy and Online Safety for Individuals, Protecting Home and Family from Cyber-Crime, Cybercrime Prevention

The Total Wealth Symposium 2017

I'm honored to have been asked back for my third consecutive Total Wealth Symposium conference!  It was the Bahamas in 2015, Bermuda in 2016, and in 2017 we'll be meeting at the stunning Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood Florida to discuss the most pressing issues in cyber risk and cybercrime today.  

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Topics: Protecting Home and Family from Cyber-Crime, Total Digital Security, Education, Training, and Speaking, Upcoming Events, Cybercrime Prevention

Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing Cybersecurity for Life.

As a startup in 2013, Total Digital Security was launched to find the best IT technology available anywhere and make it accessible, easy to use, and affordable for anyone that wanted to protect.  We recognized that soon new, innovative technologies would enter the industry and could be used to substantially reduce the risk even on personal computers and smartphones - no IT department required!  

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Topics: Total Digital Security, Device Security

Upgrade to Computer Protection from F-Secure

For Your Windows Computers and Laptops - Device Protection upgrade for F-Secure PSB security service.  The upgrade is for  Windows computers and laptops.  The procedure will take 10-20 minutes, perhaps longer for older machines, and should not be interrupted once started.  The process is simple, and we have detailed instructions below to help you every step of the way.

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Topics: Device Security

Guns, Gold, and VPNs.

"Government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have."  

The quote comes to mind when reading last week about Apple caving to China's demands that it stop selling VPNs on its App Store.  Like guns and gold, personal information and privacy are among today's tools of power and wealth.  Now, like traditional targets of individual freedoms, they too are under assault and the stakes are just as high.  

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Topics: VPNs and Encryption

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