The Best Browser for Privacy and Protecting Personal Information

Posted by Brad Deflin on September 02, 2021

Here, we look at internet browsers and make a recommendation for optimal privacy and protection of your personal information.

T-Mobile Breach - What To Do

Posted by Total Digital Security on August 19, 2021

T-Mobile said yesterday that data from 40 million former clients and prospective clients plus 8 million current users had been breached.

Goodbye, Google

Posted by Brad Deflin on August 02, 2021

This month's CyberAdvisor covers these four main topics: Decentralizing from Big Tech Essential iPhone security  Living with your VPN Hacking...

Computer Security - How to protect computer and phones

Posted by Total Digital Security on July 22, 2021

 We define the “Three Primary Attack Surfaces” as email, internet devices, and networks for cyber-fraud and online damages. It’s across these...

Mobile Protection for iPhone Security, iPads & Androids

Posted by Total Digital Security on July 01, 2021

For iPhone and iPad security, we've always said these two things:

Privatizing Email and Securing Your Inbox

Posted by Total Digital Security on June 21, 2021

Email is where over 85% of all cyber-related damages start. Over 90% of malware is delivered via email. In 2020, malware attacks increased by 358%...

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