Bursting Big Tech's Bubble

Posted by Brad Deflin on February 03, 2021

Last month's blog on "Information Weaponization and Warfare" received more attention than any since we began in 2014. I couldn't be more thrilled...

Information Weaponization and Warfare

Posted by Brad Deflin on January 13, 2021

It's taken me longer than usual to write this blog - the first of 2021. The last few weeks' events have been so unsettling and surreal that...

Preventing Email Phishing and Spoofing

Posted by Total Digital Security on November 17, 2020

Prevent Loss from Phishing and Spoofing Emails Anyone using email should be aware of phishing and spoofing emails. In many cases, these fraudulent...

Digital Security Basics - Three Primary Attack Surfaces for Hackers

Posted by Total Digital Security on November 11, 2020

Digital Security Basics: Where You’re Vulnerable 

The AAA Strategy for Privacy and Digital Security

Posted by Brad Deflin on August 04, 2020

The dog days of August 2020 start fittingly enough with a hurricane named Isais, which in Spanish means "God Is My Salvation." In turn, salvation...

Three Strategies for Personal Risk Management in the 2020s

Posted by Brad Deflin on July 03, 2020

Today marks the midpoint of 2020.. Looking at current conditions and thinking about the past six months, it's hard to conceive the range of...

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