Cybercrime is one of your top risks of loss and inconvenience and continues growing exponentially. We suggest it's time to privatize your internet - that is, create a private internet free of the dangers and abuses that abound on the public internet - used by over five billion people worldwide.


Ten years ago, we launched our first campaign advocating privatizing personal email.  It's been an enormous success, and we've helped many lop a big chunk of risk from their lives.


Now, we take it a leap further using cutting-edge network technology to help folks create their own private slice of the world wide web.

illustration of public internet versus a private internet

 This month, we will explain how we help customers create a private internet for themselves. Plus, how Porsche uses the same technology in their race cars to win on the track.


Acronyms to Know and Love

These two acronyms explain the technology used to create a private internet:


  • SD-WAN - Software-Defined Wide Area Network. Wide area network, or WAN, means "the internet."  Google the SD-WAN acronym, and you will see heaps of praise for the technology and how it makes networks infinitely easier to manage and control. The point with SD-WAN is that it unifies a network's vast components versus the traditional model, including expensive hardware, complex systems, and onsite service requirements. The result is much better performance at much lower prices, and Total Digital Security makes it accessible to more than just the large enterprise markets.

  • SASE - Secure Access Service Edge. The words compiling SASE are little to no help in explaining what it means, which is too bad because SASE is the technology at the core of a private internet. So, we include a little more about SASE below.


SASE - say "sassy"

SASE, pronounced "sassy," was coined in 2019 by the Gartner research firm. TDS has provided customers with the SASE network security model since 2014, but we have our own acronym, MNS - Managed Network Security. 

Gartner is the gorilla in the room, so we are okay with SASE as long as the performance and economic drivers continue to serve our customers. 


The skull for the brains of SASE technology is a "cloud-instance," or a purchased slice of an internet POP - "point-of-presence." 

  • Your ISP (Comcast, Spectrum, ATT, etc.) is an example of a POP.
  • TDS uses a POP for each client to create a "private internet."


SD-WAN network architecture at the POP is where the SASE technology lives to provide a full stack of IT security solutions, including:

  • A secure web access gateway
  • Threat intelligence from multiple 3rd parties and proprietary data
  • AI and smart systems for enhanced defenses
  • An always-on "zero trust" network access policy
  • Firewall-as-a-service 
  • Real-time optimization and results
  • Auto-encryption and tunneling without a VPN

illustration of a private internet in the home

 SASE technology has propelled innovation in networks and cybersecurity, and with our Managed Network Security service, Total Digital Security uniquely makes it accessible and affordable to private clients and others seeking "Cybersecurity for Life." 


SD-WAN with SASE to Win!

I loved reading March's Network World article about how Porsche's racing team uses SD-WAN and SASE technology to win on the track.


Porsche takes real-time information from the car, processes it on a SASE, and sends it back to calibrate and optimize the car in real-time while still on the track.

"SASE provides Porsche with the performance, flexibility, and security it needs to compete. It's not only that we can see our data and nobody else, but also that we don't get something bad into our network." 

Image by Parsche of E-cars racing with SD-WAAN and SASE technology for private internets

✓ The Porsche story illustrates how our Managed Network Security service processes threat intel and AI to protect our clients from cyber risk in real-time, all the time - with no firewalls or VPNS! 


Managed Network Security - new with software "agent" for laptops

The recent innovation in SASE tech is driving our Managed Network Security to new levels of efficacy and usability.


Now, our clients have access to their private internet with not only a "bridge" appliance for fixed networks (homes, offices, etc.) but also an "agent" - software that works on Windows and Mac laptops for an "always-on" connection to their private internet from anywhere in the world.


Screenshot 2023-04-08 at 2.30.21 PM

If you think this technology is cool, you'd be right. It's pretty incredible. 


To be sure, without leveraging SD-WAN and SASE technology, this level of cybersecurity and internet management would be exclusively available only to large-enterprise markets.


Using the power of SD-WAN and SASE technology, the Managed Network Security system delivers an ultimate state of privacy and security across your network and devices in a highly reliable and economically affordable fashion.


If you are interested in the next-gen level of privacy and security provided by SD-WAN and SASE through our Managed Network Security service, please contact Diane at to learn more.


Thanks for reading.

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