With daily stories about cyber crimes in the news, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to recognize that cyber threats are real and getting worse. And while many business owners can boast about having a handle on their network security, as the business grows, so does the potential for mistakes. Back-ups don’t get tested, old user accounts don’t get deleted, access to digital resources are left wide open, and the configuration of firewalls, servers, printers, or point of sale terminals gets lower priority on the list of things to do. But the truth is, network security for business -- maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data  -- should always be of critical importance.

Business Network Security

Information is as valuable as the most precious diamonds. In the same way you keep your valuables in a safe, you need to keep your information safe too.

Business Network Security

Increasing Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches Make Network Security for Business More Important Than Ever

In the current environment of data security, even a brief lapse in security planning or execution can cost you dearly in terms of revenue and consumer trust. That’s why it’s imperative to understand the risks businesses face as well as the security infrastructures that mitigate threats and provide your business the best chance of being safe and successful for years to come.

The truth is, there are few investments you’ll ever make that will deliver as valuable a return – both for the short-term and long-term future of your business -- as a network security system.

How Real is the Threat?

Network security risks pose a bigger threat for small and mid-sized businesses, as reflected in the following findings:

  • 50% of confirmed data breaches targeted small businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees
  • 31% of cyber attacks targeted small businesses with fewer than 250 employees
  • 193 incidents targeted small businesses with fewer than 100 employees
  • 60% of small businesses fail within 6 months of a cyber attack
  • 60% of small businesses say they do not have a privacy policy that employees must comply with when they handle customer or employee information

Protect yourself, your business, and your professional reputation

Network security isn’t just a concern for massive enterprises with a huge digital footprint. Whether you have one computer connected to the internet or a dozen, the threat is the same. Smaller businesses and organizations are just as vulnerable to cyber threats, and secure networks are critical for success both now and in the future.

Our Business Network Security System delivers a wealth of advanced security and networking services for small-to-medium sized businesses in one streamlined, cost-effective service. These services are managed and monitored 24/7 by a cloud-based management application, reducing the overall operations costs typically associated with a system providing this high level of security.

Our Business Network Security Protections:

IPS - Intrusion Prevention System to block attacks: An intrusion prevention system (IPS) is a system that monitors a network for malicious activities such as security threats or policy violations. The main function of an IPS is to identify suspicious activity, log the information, block the activity, and then report it. Intrusion prevention systems are also known as intrusion detection prevention systems (IDPS).

Advanced Threat Protection against Advanced Persistent Threats: Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) detects, analyzes, and prevents threats from malware that has evolved to bypass traditional security methods.

ATP’s anti-malware solution addresses vulnerabilities in today’s networks.

  • Point of Sale (POS) malware traverses network systems and searches for any weakness. Evidence of widespread malware targeting retailers can remain undetected, which can lead to online fraud.
  • Malware involves a technique known as DNS cache poisoning that changes DNS settings to direct someone asking for a legitimate website to a fake site. DNS cache poisoning is a powerful attack.
  • Ransomware is a rapidly growing threat used in extortion schemes. The malware locks systems by encrypting files and demanding ransom to obtain the decryption key.

Botnet Defense System: Botnets are networks of compromised computers infected with malicious code. The computers are remotely controlled and used for starting distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, sending enormous number of emails (SPAM) and other sorts of attacks.

DDoS - Denial of Service volume-based attacks. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack is an attack in which multiple compromised computer systems attack a target, such as a server, website or other network resource, and cause a denial of service for users of the targeted resource. The flood of incoming messages, connection requests or malformed packets to the target system forces it to slow down or even crash and shut down, thereby denying service to legitimate users or systems.

Data Loss Protection / Information leak prevention: DLP protects confidential and critical information so that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put the organization at risk. For example, if an employee tried to forward a business email outside the corporate domain or upload a corporate file to a consumer cloud storage service like Dropbox, the employee would be denied permission.

Our network security system protects against known threats, and against new threats as they develop, through sophisticated monitoring and managing of your network. An investment in security to protect yourself, your business, your clients, and your reputation is an investment no business should take the risk of avoiding.

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