Brad Deflin

Brad Deflin

Brad Deflin is the Founder of Total Digital Security, a leader in the emerging Managed Cyber-Security as a Service industry. Total Digital Security manages and mitigates all elements of cyber-risk for families, professionals and small to mid-sized businesses, including PCI, HIPAA and other regulated environments.

Blog Posts

What's the Best Browser for Privacy and Security?

Posted by Brad Deflin on March 11, 2019

An internet browser is like the main gate in and out of your digital life. Without controls and blocks for what comes in, and protection for what...

F-Secure Wins Best Cyber Protection for Computer Security

Posted by Brad Deflin on March 05, 2019

F-Secure has won the "Best Protection" award by AV-Test for 2018. The win marks the sixth time winning the first place award since 2011. The...

Our Top Password Manager

Posted by Brad Deflin on February 13, 2019

Cybercrime is big business. With costs estimated to be in the trillions of dollars annually by 2021 according to Microsoft and the World Economic...

Year-End Letter,  2018

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 31, 2018

Six years ago this March and after 25 years working with Wall Street investment and banking firms, I started Total Digital Security. Risk management...

Cyber Security and the Gates of Wrath

Posted by Brad Deflin on December 12, 2018

Sometimes explaining digital risk and cybersecurity takes imagination. For me, metaphors and analogies abound. Here's another one; think of advanced...

New #1 Recommended VPN

Posted by Brad Deflin on October 24, 2018

A VPN shields your online activities from the outside, including on public WiFi networks. The encryption and tunneling features of a VPN reduce the...

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