Artificial Intelligence is Enhancing Cybersecurity for Life.

As a startup in 2013, Total Digital Security was launched to find the best IT technology available anywhere and make it accessible, easy to use, and affordable for anyone that wanted to protect.  We recognized that soon new, innovative technologies would enter the industry and could be used to substantially reduce the risk even on personal computers and smartphones - no IT department required!  

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Upgrade to Computer Protection from F-Secure

For Your Windows Computers and Laptops - Device Protection upgrade for F-Secure PSB security service.  The upgrade is for  Windows computers and laptops.  The procedure will take 10-20 minutes, perhaps longer for older machines, and should not be interrupted once started.  The process is simple, and we have detailed instructions below to help you every step of the way.

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Cybersecurity: It's Getting a Little Better - All the Time

THE Beatles once sang that “I have to admit it’s getting better ... a little better., all the time.”

You might not read about it in the headlines, cybersecurity threat protection technology is getting better all the time.

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On the SWIFT Breaches.

Unfortunately for its brand, customers, and partners, SWIFT seems to be operating in a sub-optimal “reactive” mode to the series of cyber breaches on its systems over the past several months.

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Hedge Funds and Cyber Risk

An Obama administration official showed up at the SALT conference last week to warn the hedge fund industry and its investors of the distinct risks they face from hackers and cyber terrorists. According to the official, information held with hedge funds is valuable to criminal cartels around the world, and to others that want to create disruption in the domestic or global financial markets and systems. In today's report, we glean some important takeaways from the warnings, comments by officials and industry insiders, and the clear messages the Obama administration is sending hedge fund managers and investors by way of the Department of Justice.

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