Using a VPN - The Before and After.

When using your phone to connect to a public WiFi hotspot, the signal from your device to the WiFi router is easily tapped, monitored, and scanned using cheap, widely available technology. Anyone can do it. Also, without protection, your phone can be "hijacked", held for ransom, and all of the information held on your phone is open to loss and theft. Financial fraud, ID theft, and ransomware over WiFi is becoming as common as any petty street crime and is being compared to the Digital Age's version of a modern pickpocket. Fortunately, advanced IT security technology has become easy to use and affordable, and now anyone can become virtually invisible on WiFis and the internet by using a VPN.

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Topics: WiFi Security, VPNs and Encryption

The Evolution of Pickpocketing - The Phone Hack

Financial theft over public WiFi hot-spots is today's digital equivalent of pickpocketing - one of the oldest and most widespread crimes in the world. Both are easy and safe for the perpetrator, victims are unaware until after the act, and each typically takes place in a crowded area to target the most defenseless - chosen by the experienced eye of the conjurer, and known as the "mark" to those in the trade.

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Topics: WiFi Security, VPNs and Encryption, Protecting Home and Family from Cyber-Crime, Cyber Crime

Cyber Safe Travel - Hotels, Airports and Public WiFi.

August 18th 2017 - We're updating this report on "Cyber Safe Travel" as a result of the recent increase in reports of hotel WiFi based fraud and theft.  Powerful software tools developed at the NSA are now used by criminal cartels to target wealthy guests at luxury hotels around the world.  Practical solutions and defenses are reported below.

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Topics: Passwords, WiFi Security, VPNs and Encryption, Cyber-Safe Travel, Ransomware, Cyber Crime

Network Security: a Plug-and-Play Solution for Home and Business

Innovation in the field of cyber security is heating up in a big way. After decades of stagnation in the industry, recent regulatory pressures coupled with higher consumer awareness and demands for effective solutions have attracted significant entrepreneurial capital into the field. In this environment, disruptive innovation rules, and the primary beneficiary is you. Great solutions are now available whether you're an individual, professional advisor, or owner of a business. These technologies are highly effective, easy to use, and increasingly affordable at both the personal and professional level.

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Topics: Home IT, WiFi Security, Protecting Home and Family from Cyber-Crime, Cyber Crime

3 Reasons to Start Using a VPN Every Day.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is the most effective way to protect yourself from the internet when using mobile technology online. Without a VPN, your personal information is easily stolen, and anyone can know where you are and watch what you do. Now, finally, there is a VPN that makes protecting yourself easy, affordable, and highly effective. In this report, we will tell you why it's now time everyone should have one, which one we think is the best, and how to trial it for yourself, family, practice, or business.

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Topics: WiFi Security, VPNs and Encryption

My Digital Shield - The Best Internet Security System for 2015.

Cyber-criminals use world-class technology, and it takes the same horsepower to defend from their attacks. My Digital Shield is an innovative and remarkably powerful system that uses the leading science available in cyber-security today.

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Topics: Privacy and Online Safety for Individuals, WiFi Security, Protecting Home and Family from Cyber-Crime

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