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"Total Digital Security combines best-in-science solutions made available to anyone, with real-world information and resources that everyone can use - with or without technical expertise or an IT department for service and support."

Brad Deflin - President and Founder

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Why This Holiday is High Season for Hackers

This year?  Hackers have your Equifax data. These details of your personal information open up a world of new advantages and opportunities for exploitation. It's getting easier for cybercriminals to make your life miserable while in Q3-2017 alone we saw ransomware up 600% and the FBI reporting damages closing in on the $5 billion mark. 

Whatever you're celebrating, for hackers this year is going to be a holiday to remember.

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Topics: Privacy and Online Safety for Individuals, Protecting Home and Family from Cyber-Crime, Cybercrime Prevention

Live Stream Event - Brad Deflin on Online Risk and Cybersecurity.

I'll be live streaming from an interview with Marc Bernier on the SpeakER Series at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University this coming Monday, November 13th 7-9pm EST.  We'll talk about how we started Total Digital Security, what we've learned, and what we are seeing from the field.  Survival and success in the digital age is the overall theme.  Our experience at both training and educating individuals and empowering them with tools to protect themselves, gives us a distinct view of what's happening where the rubber hits the road in cybercrime today.

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