"Total Digital Security combines best-in-science solutions made available to anyone, with real-world information and resources that everyone can use - with or without technical expertise or an IT department for service and support."

Brad Deflin - President and Founder


About Total Digital Security

I started Total Digital Security in 2013 to help people better understand and manage what many viewed as incomprehensible - cyber risk and its existential impact on our everyday lives. Even then, well before the headlines of Snowden and Target, it was clear to me that rapidly increasing levels of cyber crimes would soon target people, their technology, and every aspect of their lives. Yet, no one was aware - much less ready for what was to come.

Besides recognizing the increasing risk and its corresponding lack of awareness, motivation to start the business in 2013 also included new, positive long-term trends in the IT security business. Long a sleepy oligopoly since its inception about 25 years earlier, the cybersecurity industry five years ago was just beginning to see record inflows of fresh capital. The new investment in cybersecurity solutions was coming from very smart, innovative, and well capitalized outsiders. These entrepreneurs were ambitious to disrupt an industry they saw as ill equipped for the emergence of sophisticated and broad-based cyber attacks that would soon impact every consumer, family, business, and public entity in the land.

The new industry players understood they held some advantages over the incumbents. First, they would be building their cybersecurity products from a new, modern slate. And, from this slate, they would enable their innovations with powerful software technologies that were just emerging at the time. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, clouds for remote and shared IT security centers and hardware-eating software solutions that “as-a-service” would drive efficacy, affordability, and ease-of-use. The new entrants would be competitive, earn emerging market share, and create value from their investment capital - all to the benefit of the “end-user” consumers.

To me at the time it was clear - with the increasing risks at hand these new, highly effective and affordable solutions would soon be valuable not just to IT departments and large corporations, governments, and militaries - but to the rest of us too. Today, Total Digital Security brings the best cybersecurity technology available anywhere and makes it accessible to anyone that cares to protect.

What Makes Us So Different

Total Digital Security combines best-in-science solutions made available to anyone, with real-world information and resources that everyone can use - with or without technical expertise or an IT department for service and support.

Our service is personal and user-oriented, and we share our knowledge base throughout the customer relationship. From product selection to on boarding and installation, to help and support services, to trouble-shooting, regular newsletters, advisories and new product introductions - we are there with our experience and expertise for the benefit of every customer we serve.

I view our business as a professional practice, and we pursue perfection and mastery every day. Our many thousands upon thousands of hours of work in the field focused at the intersection of people, their technology, and the new cyber risks at hand, and combining it with access to new protective technology is for us, our mission and cause.

Whether you are an individual or small business, a family, a professional practitioner, or a large organization that wants to protect its people and its operation, we can help you with the best solutions, information, and resources to protect from your #1 risk today.

Our Business - What We Do

The Total Digital Security Corporation (“TDS,” or “the Company”) was founded in March 2013 to provide commercial-grade cybersecurity technologies and solutions directly to individuals and their personal technology, without the need for an IT department or technical expertise. The Company’s broad customer base includes individuals, families, family offices, and trusted professional advisors such as lawyers, financial agents, and Realtors®. TDS' products are HIPAA and PCI compliant and achieve or exceed all federal regulatory requirements for information security.

TDS derives its cybersecurity products from a range of strategic partnerships with best-in-class providers typically used by large enterprises operating in mission-critical environments. We uniquely make these advanced B-to-B products accessible and easy to use for any consumer on the devices they use every day. Combining this approach with our economies of scale, almost anyone can afford to protect with advanced cybersecurity technology across all aspects of their lives, personally and professionally.

TDS customers have online access to resources including a range of information and educational materials we call “Cybersecurity for Life.” We aim to help customers enjoy using their products and fully benefit from all elements of functionality. We routinely keep them informed, educated, and aware of changes from both the threat horizon and innovation in solutions technology. 

Total Digital Security operates as a platform - always open to new technology and on-going innovation. TDS customers benefit from the dynamic matching nature of a platform, our experienced facilitation process, and years of experience in the field.

Cybersecurity for the Family Office

Total Digital Security is a proven thought and action leader in the field of cyber security for the family office and its constituents. Our roots are in private banking, compliance, and technology, and our founding in early 2013 stems from our work with the UHNW segment and the new risk management challenges they faced. Since then, and thousands of hours later, TDS has gained distinct experiential knowledge and strategic insights from the field, and we bring it to bear in all we do. 

The IT security industry is robust and invigorated by fresh capital combined with significant advances in software and networking technology. The TDS platform and its customers will benefit from progress in the industry as AI, machine learning, and collaborative cybersecurity intelligence are further advanced in the coming years. The more demanding challenge will be preparing individuals for increasing rates of change across all aspects of their lives.

TDS approaches cybersecurity as a component of fulfilling the need for greater agility and adaptability skills at the individual level. We inform, educate, and empower people with cybersecurity technology by partnering with them throughout the process, speaking in plain English, and understanding their issues and concerns. Through a collaborative process, we determine what works best and how to keep them safe at home, in the office, and on the road. 

By uniquely providing superior solutions with our new-school approach to informing and educating, Total Digital Security is considered a premier provider of family office cybersecurity services.

TDS now serves hundreds of customers including MFOs and multi-billion dollar SFOs.

Our experience includes cybersecurity products, and education and training. We have provided accredited CE/CLE training for lawyers and real estate agents since 2015, and “Cybersecurity for Life” workshops for broad audiences including client events, EAP departments, executive teams, and governance committees since 2014.

We provide real-time device protection for computers and smartphones, VPN encryption that is always on and activated for the user, private email domains with built-in security features and spam controls, and digital vaults for digital asset management and planning. All products achieve or exceed HIPAA and most other information security compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity technology solutions are “as-a-service” subscription and software-based, and we advocate “open” design. 1-year and less subscription commitments enable future agility with new products and services.

Some products include cyber breach insurance policies for up to $100,000 per event.

Concierge Cybersecurity Services 

Concierge cybersecurity services from TDS include personal advisories concerning the latest threats and updates from the field, and individual and small group workshops for education and training. Clients enjoy regular pre-emptive and proactive advice, and in the event of the unknown, they always have someone to call.

TDS’ concierge approach to cybersecurity services employs a collaborative consultative process to determine what will work best to keep clients safe at home, in the office, and on the road. We inform, educate, and empower clients with cybersecurity technology and partner with them throughout the process, speaking in plain English, and being with them every step of the way.

Thank you for reading,

Brad Deflin

President and Founder, Total Digital Security

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