New Spam Filters and Controls for Private Email Accounts

New, advanced spam filter and controls are coming for customers using Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security.

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The Ultimate Email Account

 500 million Yahoo email accounts hacked. Who'd have thunk it? 

Well, I did.

In fact, in 2012 I thought about the Democratization of Cyber Risk (which the massive Yahoo breach validates with a puncuation mark) so much that by 2013 TDS was formed. Society faced a wave of crime unlike anything ever seen, and no one was prepared.

So, TDS was formed to seek out the best IT security technology anywhere and make it available to the rest of us - without the need for hardware or an IT department. A private, secure, and robust email platform was at the center of it all.

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U.S. Congress Bans YahooMail - What it Means to You, Personally and Professionally.

The House of Representatives has reported a sharp increase in ransomware attacks and is blaming staff's use of YahooMail. The House Information Security Office took immediate action with an organization-wide memo banning all staffers from any use of Yahoo's "free" email service. Gmail is noted as a probable culprit as well. In today's report, we look at what this means to the rest of us, and how you can protect yourself from the super-cycle of cyber-crime that is imminently at hand. A copy of the House of Representatives email is linked below.

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The Rise of the Hacker for Hire

The criminal version of a hacker-for-hire is like a combination private eye and hitman. In each case, the professional is paid on contract to gain access to information that will give the hiring party an upper-hand in order to damage or destroy the victim. And, like it's traditional counterpart, the criminal hacker for-hire's target is specific, the purpose has a clear agenda and plan, and motives are driven by vendettas old as humankind; money, love, sex, revenge, and pride. 

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If You Use a "free" Email Service from Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo ...

If you use Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any of the other "free" services,  here is an alternative you can live with. 

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Privatizing Your Email Account  - Individuals, Families, and Professionals.

A recent article in the Atlantic Magazine titled "Why an Email Hack Feels So Personal" struck a familiar chord with us at Total Digital Security. "It's like losing a piece of your digital self." says the author, Abigail Deutsch. Exactly. Many of our customers have come to us after an email hack and the emotional response is consistent across the board - victims share a sense of violation, loss, and deep vulnerability. If you are still using "free" email services like Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo, among others, now is the time to take control of what for many of us is our primary mode of communication today.  

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Privatize Your Email and Reclaim Control of Your Personal Information.

One of the key elements to achieving privacy and cyber security as an individual or family is email. "Free" services like Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and others are of course not actually free. These services are offered in exchange for the right to monitor, scan, and collect your personal information for resale to a 3rd party at a value far greater than the actual cost of operating an email account. We advise "privatizing" your email service to come off the grid of these data collectors and enhance protection from information loss that can lead to ID theft, financial fraud, and worse. Exchanging this information for an inexpensive service like email is simply a really bad trade. Fortunately, there are really good answers, and they are seriously effective at shoring in the rising risks at hand.

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