Private Email Accounts - What to Know

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What is a private email account? Why get one? Who should consider it? How to determine the best email service for your needs? This is a practical guide for individuals, families, small businesses, and professional

The Best Private Email Account Service, from Total Digital Security

Private Email Domains

Research has shown that nine out of every ten viruses that infect a computer reach it through an email attachment. Free email is the number one vector for cyber crimes, and sophisticated email scams can be

New Spam Filters and Controls for Private Email Accounts

Total Digital Security Private Email Domains

New, advanced spam filter and controls are coming for customers using Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security.

The Ultimate Email Account

Cybersecurity for Home and Family Private Email Domains

 500 million Yahoo email accounts hacked. Who'd have thunk it?  Well, I did. In fact, in 2012 I thought about the Democratization of Cyber Risk (which the massive Yahoo breach validates with a puncuation mark) so

U.S. Congress Bans YahooMail - What it Means to You, Personally and Professionally.

Cybersecurity for Home and Family Private Email Domains

The House of Representatives has reported a sharp increase in ransomware attacks and is blaming staff's use of YahooMail. The House Information Security Office took immediate action with an organization-wide memo

The Rise of the Hacker for Hire

Private Email Domains

The criminal version of a hacker-for-hire is like a combination private eye and hitman. In each case, the professional is paid on contract to gain access to information that will give the hiring party an upper-hand in

If You Use a "free" Email Service from Gmail, AOL, or Yahoo ...

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If you use Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, or any of the other "free" services,  here is an alternative you can live with. 

Privatizing Your Email Account  - Individuals, Families, and Professionals.

Cybersecurity for Home and Family Private Email Domains

A recent article in the Atlantic Magazine titled "Why an Email Hack Feels So Personal" struck a familiar chord with us at Total Digital Security. "It's like losing a piece of your digital self." says the author,