Realtors® Association of Palm Beach - Cyber Security for the Realtor®

Total Digital Security is holding an ongoing series of education and training sessions for members of the RAPB - Realtors® Association of Palm Beach. Two-hour sessions are free for members, and we are available for on-site presentations for offices, office managers, and teams.

RAPB_Pat_workshop.jpg"This course offers a comprehensive overview of cyber risk, cybercrime, and the measures that mitigate the risk professionally and personally - specifically from the standpoint of the real estate sales industry professionals."  

Patrick Braden, VP-Sales

Attendees will gain insight and knowledge to important precepts for survival and success in the Digital Age; personally and professionally.

Preparing for The New Face of Risk.

Part 1

I - Is cyber risk in real estate really a problem?

II - Why are cybercriminals targeting the real estate industry?

III - What are the risks to me as an agent, broker, or office manager?

Part 2

I - How did our personal information come under attack?

II - What does the future in cyber risk hold?

III - What can I do to protect myself and my clients?

Stacks_of_cash_money.jpeg"Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales."



Cyber Security for life.

  • Speaking for Awareness and Empowerment.

  • Workshops for Boards and Teams.

  • Continuing Education Accreditation. 

  • Executive Training - Traveling Securely and Working Remotely

  • Consulting, Advisory, and Coaching Services.

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