Total Digital Security is holding an ongoing series of education and training sessions for members of the RAPB - Realtors® Association of Palm Beach. Two-hour sessions are free for members, and we are available for on-site presentations for offices, office managers, and teams.

Realtors® Association of Palm Beach presentation on cybersecurity"This course offers a comprehensive overview of cyber risk, cybercrime, and the measures that mitigate the risk professionally and personally - specifically from the standpoint of the real estate sales industry professionals."  

Patrick Braden, VP-Sales

Attendees will gain insight and knowledge to important precepts for survival and success in the Digital Age; personally and professionally.

Preparing for The New Face of Risk.

Part 1

I - Is cyber risk in real estate really a problem?

Trends and indicators for cyber risk in real estate sales. What the data says.

II - Why are cybercriminals targeting the real estate industry?

Why are Realtors targets of cyber criminals? What sort of exploits?

III - What are the risks to me as an agent, broker, or office manager?

The meaningful elements to each team member for broad buy-in and compliance.

Part 2

I - How did our personal information come under attack?

Why do they care about stealing my personal information? What value is my personal information in my role in real estate sales? 

II - What does the future in cyber risk hold?

What should we expect next? What can we be aware of going forward? How do we think about things we've not seen before?

III - What can I do to protect myself and my clients?

What are the measures that protect? What can I do as a Realtor to protect all of my constituents and trusted relationships?

"Cyber Security in Real Estate Sales."


Cyber Security for life.

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  • Speaking for Awareness and Empowerment.

  • Workshops for Boards and Teams.

  • Continuing Education Accreditation. 

  • Executive Training - Traveling Securely and Working Remotely

  • Consulting, Advisory, and Coaching Services.

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Cyber Security for the Realtor®

Topics: Education, Training, and Speaking

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