Total Digital Security is pleased to announce we are the exclusive provider of cybersecurity services and solutions to The Greater San Diego Association of Realtors®, or SDAR. With its 12,000 members, the organization is the largest trade association in San Diego County. Total Digital Security will provide SDAR agents and brokers with advanced cybersecurity technologies to protect them and their clients from the increasing risk of cyber crime and online fraud. 

Exclusive Provider of Cyber Security Services


The SDAR traces its roots in San Diego County back to 1878 and has a long history of business leadership in the real estate industry. As a pioneer in Southern California real estate, it has from the beginning paved the way for addressing the professional issues associated with the trade. Risk management, ethical leadership, continuing education and learning, and inculcating professional practices that emphasize high, client-centric standards - all have been core to the SDAR's commitment to its members and their businesses. Cyber security in the real estate sales industry affects all of these matters, and to the trade, is a high-priority issue today.


Cyber risk now pervades every element of society around the world and has become a predominant fact of life; the real estate industry is no exception. To the contrary, when you consider a residential sales transaction and the level of sensitive information that is involved, it is a highly desirable target. We wrote more extensively about the layered risks at hand, and you can read it here: "Cyber Security for Residential Real Estate Firms."


"Residential real estate sales agents and firms were early adopters of the internet, and now online technology plays a fundamental role in almost everything they do."

"Cyber Security for Residential Real Estate Sales Firms"


Cyber Security for Real Estate Agents and Teams


Sales agents are typically not protected.  A residential real estate transaction takes place in great part between personally owned and unprotected phones and computers, over open networks, with unsecured methods of communication and documentation.

Total Digital Security will make available to SDAR members the most advanced technology available today that will protect agents, their clients, and their practices by securing their technology with the following protection:

1) Device Security

For protection of computers, smartphones, and portable devices by using real-time, preemptive measures to defend from viruses and malware, data loss, malicious intruders and the host of threats personal technology faces today. 


Learn More   Click here for more on Device Security.


2) Encryption for WiFi and Network Connections

With a Virtual Private Network, all internet communications and emails are encrypted as they travel over public and private WiFi's, home and office networks, and cell signals. The users location is private, and no one can monitor her activities, regardless of location.


  Click here for more on VPN encryption.


3) Private Email Accounts

Private email accounts are essential for any professional today. Email is the primary mode of communication for serious information, sensitive documents, and personal details and should not be conducted over "free" service providers. 


Learn More Click here for more on private and secure email services.

4) Digital Vaults

Digital vaults are for important documents, information, and passwords. Your data is on real servers, and never on the cloud - yet, the experience is cloud-like. Free apps, auto-sync, and an intuitive interface make the management of important documents simple, easy, and highly secure. 


Learn More  Click here to learn more about digital vaults.

Incorporating all of four of these security measures across an individual's personal technology sharply mitigates the risk of a breach and loss of information. The Association of Financial Professionals published our report "The Four Fundamentals of Cyber Security" here:


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Cyber Security for Real Estate Brokers and Offices


In addition to securing the individual agents of a sales firm, fixed locations such as branches and home offices must secure their onsite technology and activities from cyber risk. Office WiFi and wired networks, desktops, multi-user email systems, fax transmissions, VoIP internet telephone operations - all are exposed to an increasingly hostile environment on the internet.

Fortunately, heavy hardware and high levels of IT expertise are no longer necessary in many professional offices. Best-in-class IT security for individual and professional office environments is is increasingly software-defined, "smart", remotely monitored and managed for real-time defenses, and extremely effective at mitigating the risks. Total Digital Security brings these next-gen technologies and provides the advice and guidance needed for onboarding and implementing these highly automatic systems. 


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