Today’s mobile devices need to support multiple security objectives, such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. And as we demand more and more of our mobile devices, the need for device security also increases. Total Digital Security’s device security products guarantee mobile data privacy for the devices you use every day, whether for business or personal use.


First, let’s begin with a definition of digital security.

Digital security is an all-encompassing term used to cover a broad range of products that protect the valuable data stored in your devices from the numerous possible ways it can be stolen or manipulated. Digital security includes cloud-based monitoring and management of the threats to your digital information -- a means of keeping anything malicious from getting into your internet-connected devices to potentially harm or steal the data. These device security systems ensure that only trusted communications and users are authorized access.

How can I be sure of the security of my devices?

Although these device security systems are designed to operate in the background, without any noticeable changes to your device or software, systems reports can be accessed from a single application, providing a detailed account of the data activity occurring on your device.

Total Digital Security offers industry-tested and -accepted methods of securing sensitive data, including:

  • Antivirus.
  • Data Theft Protection
  • Malicious Application Controls
  • Intruder Prevention Systems

All of these protective systems work in a seamless way to secure your devices from malicious intrusion -- automatically, preemptively, and in real-time.

What types of fraud does device security prevent?

Our comprehensive device security services protect your devices from:

  • Phishing, Smishing, and Email Scams.

Phishing is the fraudulent practice hackers engage in by sending emails or other types of messages that look as though they’re from reputable companies or even people you may know, in order to lure you into revealing personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

Phishing and email scams, for example, might look like emails coming from PayPal or Microsoft, suggesting that your account has been compromised and asking you to log in. In other cases, phishing emails may also look as though they’re coming from social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, or file sharing sites such as Dropbox.

SMishing is a variation on phishing. In this case, hackers search for personal data over a cell phone. Instead of an email, the hacker sends a text message requesting a return call to a number which is answered by an interactive voice-response system that tries to fool you into providing your account number and password. This is why mobile phone protection is a necessity.

  • Financial Fraud, Bank Account Breaches, and Tax Fraud

Financial fraud is any fraud that involves a financial account or a transaction from a bank account, including a consumer loan or a credit card account. Financial fraud is accomplished through bank account breaches -- when hackers have gained access to bank account numbers and passwords, allowing them to, for example, authorize fraudulent wire transfers. Financial fraud can also take the form of tax fraud, when a hacker has gained access to a social security number, which is then used to file a fraudulent tax return and receive a refund.

  • Credit Card and ID Theft

Credit card numbers can be easily accessed through insecure devices, and then used for online shopping or other fraudulent transactions. Passport numbers, visa numbers, and driver’s license numbers can also be used in this way, in order to falsify a person’s identity as a means of either gaining more access to information, stealing assets, or traveling illegally.

Traditional security controls fall short in defending against such sophisticated tactics, creating the need for sophisticated device security. TDS offers a comprehensive list of cyber security solutions for both businesses and individuals, with the highest ranked, state-of-the art cybersecurity products and digital security services available on the market. TDS has products and services to protect any kind of device or system, ranging from a personal phone or personal digital assistant, to the most sophisticated, multi-device systems with thousands of end users. We combine best-in-science solutions, with real-world information and resources that everyone can use - with or without technical expertise or an IT department for service and support.

TDS offers complete digital security for all of your internet-connected devices. For Windows, Apple Computers, and Androids. For more information, contact us at (877) 643-6391 or email us at

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