For Your Windows Computers and Laptops - Device Protection upgrade for F-Secure PSB security service.  The upgrade is for  Windows computers and laptops.  The procedure will take 10-20 minutes, perhaps longer for older machines, and should not be interrupted once started.  The process is simple, and we have detailed instructions below to help you every step of the way.

What You Have to Do

F-Sec logo green.png

Go to the F-Secure green and black tornado icon on your computer and open the application.


Next, open Settings.

F-Sec PSB green app-690520-edited.png


Then, in Other Settings, highlight Subscription and find your subscription key.  

F-SEC PSB2-432361-edited.png

Copy the subscription to your clipboard, if you can.  Otherwise, write down the subscription key number carefully.

Close the F-Secure application.

Now, click the link to begin the download and installation of your new software:

click here begin orange button-300x135.png

Save the file and Run the application according to the prompts.

A reboot of your device will be required during the process of upgrading.

Enter your subscription key number if required.

Then, you're done!

F-Sec PSB Inx2.png

For a complete list of enhancements and changes:

TDS PSB Computer Protection upgrade details.

Refer to for more resources. 

This is a comprehensive improvement and will improve many aspects of your security services. The complete upgrade will take place in the months ahead.

And, it's technology, so there is bound to be something somewhere that doesn't seem right to someone - we are here for you at 

Screenshots are always appreciated! 

Thank you.

Heidi Sutton

Customer Support

Total Digital Security



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