For iPhone and iPad security, we've always said these two things:

    • You don't need protection for iPhones and iPad. They don't get viruses and are effectively locked down by Apple.
    • Someday, that will change because nothing in cyber is immune forever. 

Well, that day is here, and F-Secure is leading the industry with a fantastic new app called "Mobile Protection."


Mobile Protection icon

The app combines device protection with a VPN and increases performance by adding 'smart' functions and enhanced threat intelligence from the F-Secure network.

    • for iPhones and iPads - Mobile Protection replaces Freedome
    • for Androids - Mobile Protection replaces both Mobile Security and Freedome

Mobile Protection is a serious upgrade, and it's good to see F-Secure at the top of their game.


Upgrade for Freedome Users


Freedome was $39 per year, and Mobile Protection with VPN is $69 per year.

    • iOS users will be paying $30 more per year, and Android users will be paying $39 less per year. 
    • if you are a Freedome subscriber, we will upgrade you to Mobile Protection for the balance of your subscription for no charge.
    • renewals will be $69.

Mobile Protection with VPN screenshots iPhones and iPads

For customers that have a Freedome subscription with Total Digital Security, be sure to see the bottom of this report for upgrade instructions to Mobile Protection.


We are requesting all clients to please process this upgrade.  Our mobile devices need security and privacy measures more than ever, and there is no better solution than Mobile Protection by F-Secure. 


TDS clients can complete the form to get the upgrade for free.


Mobile Protection is uniquely made accessible by TDS, and not available to consumer markets or on the App or Play Stores. 


Go to the online form to process your upgrade, here:





Mobile Protection for iPhone security, iPads, and Androids.

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