In today’s hyper-connected world, device security is of utmost importance. Cyber criminals exploit the anonymity of the internet to perpetrate an assortment of criminal activity. Their technology is neck-and-neck with the technological advancements of the security software industry. Fortunately, there are solutions to stay ahead of the game. Protective technologies secure your internet-connected devices from cyber attack round-the-clock. In today’s post, we will discuss how these easy-to-use and highly affordable technologies can keep your personal and business data out of harm’s way.

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Total Digital Security provides solutions that represent the best products and services available in the cybersecurity industry at any particular point in time. As an "open-architecture" platform, we are not beholden to any provider, vendor or brand. We stay at the tip-of-the-spear of evolving science; constantly evaluating progress and innovation, and how they match to the individual and business environments we serve. Device security, that is; protecting the phone, laptop, tablet or anything else that is connected to the internet from all cyber threats is of fundamental concern to what we do. In fact, device security is one of the pillars to our guide "The Four Fundamentals of Cybersecurity" (as published by the Association for Financial Professionals).

First, think about the electronic activities that take place on your internet-connected devices. We use these devices for shopping, banking, conducting all types of personal communications, and almost every element of our lives. As deep and broad as our engagement with technology has become, we are just in the early innings of the Information Age. The level of personal data transmitted at the press of a fingertip is increasing at exponential rates. Good device security will protect all of it while being adaptive to the constantly evolving threat environment, automatically and preemptively.

Device Security Checklist


The threat of malware is real. The consequences of infection can be severe, so your first step towards cybersecurity should be prevention. It can take years to recover from the ransomware and spyware damage a viral breach can incur. The antivirus service you choose should include automatic updates and fast responses to the confirmation of new threats. This is a 24/7 job, and it requires significant resources and commitment. Only the best providers should be considered to protect your devices from viruses.

Intruder Protection

Intruders are constantly attempting to connect to your computers and mobile devices. When successfully connected, they attack internally to steal information or hijack your device. In many cases, they can operate for months before being discovered, all the while collecting your personal information to engineer a future attack.

Rootkit Protection

A rootkit is a typically malicious assembly of software that enables unauthorized access while masking its existence from detection. Protection from concealed rootkits is essential to secure your computer and smart devices.


In today's hostile online environment, advanced firewalls are required to stay abreast of the constantly evolving threats on the internet. The firewall should always be "on" even when the device is not connected. It is also good practice to update your database every time a connection is made. 

Software Updater

One of the most effective measures against hacking is keeping the software on your device updated and current. Modern device security software will do this for you, regularly scanning your system for missing patches in the operating system and 3rd party software. Once the requirement for an update is recognized, the service will deploy the required updates automatically. The most important updates are those from Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Java, OpenOffice, archive managers, media players and image viewers, all of which are especially prone to vulnerabilities. According to a leading study conducted by F-Secure, 83% of all malware breaches could have been avoided simply by having the latest updates and patches installed.


At Total Digital Security, we are constantly testing the latest products available in the cyber security industry, bringing only the best, most effective solutions to bear. Even for individuals and small environments, we only recommend enterprise-quality solutions that are up to the task of "mission critical" environments and will suffice in highly regulated environments, (such as PCI and HIPAA compliance).

For device security, we have found F-Secure's PSB (Protection Services for Business) to be highly effective, easy to install and use, and affordable. The F-Secure PSB device security solution includes the following features for protecting Windows and Macintosh computers, Windows servers, and all Android mobile devices:


  • F-Secure DeepGuard 2.0- A cloud-based technology that protects all subscribers within 60 seconds from the first confirmation of a new threat on the Internet.

  • F-Secure Blacklight- This technology prevents concealed rootkits from attacking your computer or smartphone.

  • F-Secure Anti-Virus - F-Secure research labs publish and update virus definitions more frequently than any other antivirus software vendor in the market. Our customers are automatically updated within 60 seconds of a new virus or spyware confirmation.

  • Internet Shield- Internet Shield protects the computer against intruders, unauthorized attempts to connecting to your computer or phone, and insider attacks and information theft.

  • Firewall- Firewall protection is "on" even when the computer is not connected to the Internet. The firewall software automatically updates the next time an Internet connection is made.

  • **F-Secure Software Updater - Scans and reports missing updates for 3rd party software and deploys security updates automatically. This includes updates to Microsoft, Adobe Flash, Java, OpenOffice, archive managers, media players, and image viewers, all which are prone to vulnerabilities.

Each device is monitored and managed independently by the F-Secure network operations center with real-time intelligence and defenses, quickly and automatically.

photo of the F-Secure headquarters building in Helsinki, Finland.F-Secure Network Operations, Helsinki, Finland.

Why Finland for Device Protection?

Finland’s constitution has a significantly stronger protection of individuals’ privacy than what the US has.

  • Finland does not have a clear distinction between its own citizens and foreigners in privacy issues like the US has.

  • Finland is consistently rated at the top of international surveys on transparency, lack of corruption, education, and innovation.

  • Finland is not panicking about terrorism. This means that the Finns have no need to reduce peoples’ fundamental rights to ensure their security.

  • Finland’s network intelligence capabilities are minimal compared to the US.

  • Finland does not have a massive system for silencing persons who are forced to assist authorities.

  • There are no National Security Letters in Finland.

More About F-Secure

For 25 years F-Secure has been the innovator on the forefront of antivirus systems and computer security. They are recognized as a leader in the field and play an integral part in the global race to fight cybercrime.

“Protecting the irreplaceable”, captures the essence of what we do and raises it to the highest level of importance."  F-Secure

F-Secure's device protection service is so effective it has earned the #1 rating by the industry's awards for F-Secure best device protection for computer securitytop independent evaluating agency for four years consecutively. 

You can buy this protection now, for only $71.40 per year per device.



Or, contact us for more information about F-Secure and how to purchase the PSB Device Security service for you, your family, or your business, please contact us at, or 877-643-6391.


Learn more about Total Digital Security's full suite of internet security services.


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