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Device Protection for Androids

Installation Instructions and Links

Hi there,

These instructions must be followed each step through completion. 

We suggest printing these instructions, or viewing the instructions on another device's browser for reference during the procedure.  

green_checkmark_rx.jpeg Be sure you have a good WiFi connection.

green_checkmark_rx.jpeg Be sure you know where to find downloaded files on your Android device. 

Many Androids are different and downloaded files can be found in Downloads, Notifications, or other locations.

Your key# will be sent to you by email.


Copy your key# from the installation email you received to have it available for pasting from the clipboard.

OK, let's get started:

1)  Go to Settings > Security in your device and select Unknown Sources.

When this setting is turned on you are allowed to install applications outside the Android Market.  It is advisable when complete with the installation to reset to not allowed from unknown sources.

2)  Tap Download to begin the process:
orange Download button DP-Android.png

Your web browser will open.

3) Tap the Download  link on the web page to download the .apk file to your Android device.
browser download page DP-Android-316750-edited.png

If a security prompt appears, tap OK to confirm that you want to download the app.

You can see the download progress under Notifications on your device.  

Pause here until the download is complete.

4)  Once the download is complete, tap the downloaded .apk file in Notifications or Downloads to begin the installation process.
DP-Android file download complete.png



5) If Complete appears, select Package installer and tap Always.

6) Tap Next and Install.

7) After the installation is complete, tap Open to start the app and activate the product.
8) Read the license terms and tap Accept to start using the app.

9) Enter your key# and tap Activate to register and activate the product.
10) In the Activate device administrator dialog, tap Activate.
11) When the main view opens, tap Anti-TheftTap Enable.

12) Tap Settings.

13) Enter a personal security code and choose your Anti-Theft settings.  
*** Keep your security code in a safe place.
Open the Mobile Security app to explore features, options, and interesting information.  

Dp-And Mobile Security icon.png

This is powerful, commercial-grade IT security technology and will take from 5-25 minutes to complete.  

Please take your time, be deliberate, and use patience between steps as the software downloads, installs, and configures itself on your Android device.  

Do not interrupt the process.  The process will take longer if your WiFi signal is weak, or device is old.

We will keep you informed of any observations or issues, as needed.

Thank you.

Total Digital Security

Android devices vary greatly. These steps may vary depending on the device type and platform version you are using to install the protection. Refer to your device manufacturer for specific instructions. 

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How to Install Device Protection

Video - How to install Device protection from Total Digital Security.