Cyber Security Workshops and Training

In addition to cyber security speaking engagements and cyber security training,

TDS provides workshops for families, groups, and businesses of all sizes, tailored to fit the needs of the audience. Cyber security workshops have shown proven results by increasing the attendees’ awareness of the magnitude of cyber security risks, as well as of the many different types of protections available to individuals and businesses.

Our workshops in cyber security training lead to sustained security practices that reduce the risks faced by individuals and businesses using internet-connected devices for private or business use.

Meaningful, engaging, and interactive workshops for groups of any size

Our workshops engage participants in meaningful, relevant scenarios that clarify many of the complexities involved in cyber security.

Workshop attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the need to conduct a thorough cyber security risk assessment, and will be given the tools to do so. Through discussions, simulations, and demonstrations, workshops offer attendees an opportunity to ask questions, as well to share ideas and information on the latest and best network security solutions and services available, and how they can be used to mitigate the risks.  

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During the interactive workshops, participants will gain knowledge about the network effect in cyber security and threat intelligence and how artificial intelligence, algorithms and big data can be used to protect them.

Above all, cyber security workshops encourage and empower participants to act as a leader for their family, their community, their business, or their practice in reducing the cyber risks we all face.

Workshops are structured in three parts:

Part I: Inform

This portion of the workshop answers the questions:

  • What is different about digital security now?
  • How bad is the cyber risk?
  • Why is the question of cyber security so serious?


In order to lay the foundation for the knowledge and awareness participants need to fully appreciate the state of the digital world, participants learn about the most current cyber security risks, and the threats they hold for every individual, organization, and state. Facts, statistics, and trends frame the severity and stakes that are shared by all. 

Part II – Educate

The Education portion of the program sets a foundation for greater understanding of key fundamentals that are driving tremendous and accelerating change today, including: 

  • Moore's Law
  • The Mobile Revolution
  • The Cloud
  • Big Data
  • The Network Effect
  • Digital Currencies
  • The Internet of Things


Part III - Empower

Just as digital technology and the Internet are democratizing cyber risk, they are also commoditizing advanced IT security technology and solutions, making them affordable and accessible to the individual user.

The third phase of the workshop addresses:

  • Innovation in Defensive Technology
  • Best Practices for Life - Personally and Professionally
  • Practical Solutions That Measurably Reduce Risk
  • Positioning for Adaptability and Agility in The Digital Age
  • Cybersecurity for Life - for all family members


Cyber security training workshops offer participants an opportunity to comprehend and discuss cyber security terms and concepts, such as:

  • Cyber espionage and warfare
  • Cyber security risk assessment
  • Hacking, hackers, and hacktivism
  • Virtual networks and encryption
  • Best practices in cyber security


With the existential consequences created by the Internet of Things and the Digital Age, digital security is not just the IT department's problem anymore. And it’s not just the large enterprise, military, or government's problem anymore either - it's our problem - down to each one us as individuals.

Providing your organization, your family, or yourself with cyber security education and training mitigates cyber risk at the individual and small group level. Through broadening participants’ understanding and raising awareness, our workshops lead to sustained best practices in cyber security and a higher level of safety for all of us.

Total Digital Security’s Cyber Security Education Programs and Events offer a range of educational opportunities, all designed to position you, your employees, your coworkers, and those you love to benefit from an increased awareness and adaptation.

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CLE/CE training accredited by the Florida Bar and the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

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