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Private Email

Online resources and help for Private Email accounts from Total Digital Security.

Webmail Status - webmail operation is limited for some users at this time. Here is our latest from Rackspace. Some accounts are coming back online, but they are still working on webmail related issues.

  • Email users may experience latency or errors when attempting to access webmail.
  • As a workaround, users are advised to access mailboxes via an email client or mobile device.
  • Cloud Drive for Hosted Email Plus has been disabled for users who subscribe to this service. 
  • Email delivery is not impacted by this incident.
  • Our team is actively engaged and working towards a solution.
  • You can still use your email with email software, such as Mac Mail and Outlook.

Refer to your Help Portal by signing on here with your email credentials:  You will find all you need in “Tools" and "Set Up Email."

Rackspace's system status page is here:

Email Help and Support Tool

Access your own Help Portal for your Private Email service. Have your email address and password ready to sign-on to the Help and Support Portal:

Includes "Fix My Email" and "Setup Instructions." Click on the image below to go to your portal.

Rackspace PE Help Portal.png


How do I reset a lost password.

Where I can find migration instructions?

Mac Mail - How do I get my mail folders to behave across Mac Mail?

What are the server settings for Private Email accounts from TDS?

How do I use Cloud Drive with my private email account?

How to import contacts to webmail.

How do I manage Spam and Junk in my Private Email Account?

How do I work with Excel Spreadsheets Online in my Private Email Account? Video

How do I work with Word Documents Online in Private Email? Video

How do I use my online files collaboratively? Video

Why is my email slow to load and says "loading...?"

Video - How Private Email accounts from TDS work, and what makes them so private and secure.


For an overview of your Private Email account features, including File Storage, Online Editors, and Desktop Sync, see the video below:



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