Cyber Security Education and Speaking

"Real change comes from people and culture, not infrastructure."

Brad Deflin, CEO and Founder

Our cybersecurity education and speaking programs all center on the individual. While each is experience is unique, programs are typically created in three sections:


Some call it the "fear part" of the program, but the purpose is to inform audience members of the economic stakes and social disruption at hand. Major trends are highlighted to evidence the changing nature of risk, and the increasingly existential nature of digital-related risk. Case studies from our experience in the field may be discussed.


This part sets a foundation for higher levels of understanding digital vs. physical activity. Broad, digital-age themes are presented with context and framework meant to advance critical thinking skills. Digital fundamentals are presented with a focus on personal technology and information and made relevant to everyday life.


This section's goal is to motivate individuals to seek greater resiliency and self-reliance in the face of digitally-driven change. Major themes include individual adaptation, accountability, and managing change - all life-skills required for the digital age. With a fresh framework and deeper understanding of digital concepts individuals are empowered to develop personal insights, make good decisions, and find survival and success in the Digital Age. 


Click the calendar below to see a selection of our scheduled Cybersecurity Education, Training, and Speaking events:


Focused on the Individual

Total Digital Security was started in 2013 to make best-in-class cybersecurity solutions accessible, affordable, and simple to use for anyone desiring privacy and protection from cyber risk.

Since 2014, we have brought our operating experience from in the field to cybersecurity education, training, and speaking programs.   

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"Our cybersecurity education and speaking programs are successful because we focus on people and our original content comes from extensive experience in the field. 

We share our knowledge in a framework designed to advance critical thinking skills, instill new digital-age sensibilities, and provoke fresh and long-lasting insights for every attendee."    Brad Deflin

Brad Deflin, Founder and CEO of Total Digital Security, is a seasoned speaker and trainer and an expert in the field of cybersecurity education. For over 20 years Brad has developed dynamic, engaging, and effective cyber education presentations and training programs that cover critical topics in cybersecurity.  

Cybersecurity Education Tailored to Your Needs

Our education programs include speaking engagements, workshops, training, and consulting, all of which can be tailored to fit the needs of specific organizations and audiences. These programs cover the key considerations for every organization in creating awareness and compliance, including risk assessment planning and best practices in cyber security for:

* Large public and private companies, and small groups and teams.
* Financial Services Firms - Client events, and internal awareness workshops.
* Professional Trade Associations - Legal, Real Estate, Nonprofit, Financial, and Privacy Regulated Industries including HIPAA and PCI.
* Corporate - Employee training, executive, and board workshops.
* Business and industry conferences.
* Family offices.
* CLE/CE - Accredited training courses.  
* Bootcamps for immediate results.
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Cybersecurity Programs

Past programs include:

"Cybersecurity for Life - Survival and Success in the New Digital Age"

"The New Face of Risk for Risk Managers"

"Cybersecurity for the Family"

"Secure Travel and Risk Mitigation at the Perimeter"

"Cyber Security for the Enterprise Without an IT Department"

Total Digital Security’s Cybersecurity Education Programs and Events offer a range of educational opportunities, all designed to position you, your employees, your coworkers, and those you love to benefit from increased awareness and adaptation.  


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