Cybercrime statistics say over 80% of all successful breaches start with an email. Over 90% of new customers that come to us as a result of a cyber attack were victims of an email breach. Nothing is more effective at reducing cyber risk and increasing privacy than "privatizing email" by moving personal mail activities away from "free" providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, and others. Here are ten reasons to consider private email essential for yourself, family, profession, or business. 

1. Reclaim ownership of your personal information

Have you heard? Some say data is the "new oil." And your personal information? It has quickly become the most valuable and sought-after commodity in the world. Make no mistake; survival and success in the New Digital Age hinge on security and exercising ownership and control over personal information.

green_checkmark_rxToday, and for the rest of your years, you want to own and control as much of your personal information as you can.

The best place to start your quest for self-ownership of information and position yourself for the future in the Digital Age is a private email domain. 

What is private email? How do you find the best provider? Read more, here.

2. Avoid spam, viruses, and phishing

At Total Digital Security, over 90 percent of our new clients come to us as a result of a problem that begins with an email.

And, though it's mind-boggling when you think about it, over 95 percent of email is estimated to be spam, according to an industry report from PhishMe. 91 percent of cyber attacks that lead to a successful cyber breach began with a phishing email.

These emails contain malware viruses that look to "own" computer systems and steal private data. They can contain link baits that are infected with malware.

Email systems that are built for privacy and security, not data-mining, use real-time information to manage and filter all incoming messages for spam, malware. and malicious intentions. Modern systems include vast pools of intelligence that are continually updated and optimized for protection before an email even gets in.

green_checkmark_rx Private email protects 24/7/365 before the bad guys can even get in.

How do the email security systems work? Read more, here

3. Protection that works past the firewall

Even when a firewall protects networks and Wi-Fi's, once a message crosses a firewall to the outside, and on to its final destination, it becomes vulnerable.

Likewise, an unencrypted email sent to a wrong address can be read by anyone who receives it.

Sending valuable information in the regular text that anyone can read poses a significant security risk – one easily avoided with an encrypted private email service.

green_checkmark_rx The best email systems use encryption, layering, and sandboxing for protection that never gives up.

4. Reduce your digital footprint and leave Big Tech behind

Sometimes, there’s no way to avoid using email to send sensitive private data, such as Social Security numbers, health care records, credit card information, travel itineraries, legal and financial documents, and passport credentials.

In fact, today, we hub so much of our regular activities over email that without controls we are excessively exposed to anyone and everyone on the outside. Nefarious actors, marketing manipulators, Big Tech, and evil-doers - "free" email is an open barn door for all of them to get in and exercise their agendas at your expense. 

green_checkmark_rxWith private email, your data is safe and your own, without the scanning, monitoring and information collecting of "free" email.

5. You make the rules for others

Individuals and organizations using private email have more effective control and ownership of data access. A private email account protects data with specific regulations and policies designed for security, not information mining.

A private email allows you to make and administrate privacy settings with a few clicks, instead of complex scripting, coding, and settings. And, the limitation of 3rd party policies and agendas that may not be in your best interest,

green_checkmark_rxWith a private email account, you're in control. 

6. Avoid attacks from the outside

Anyone that cares about privacy and the security of their information should encrypt all of their emails so only the intended parties can see the email, its contents, attachments, and importantly, their metadata.

green_checkmark_rxPrivate email from Total Digital Security uses the latest innovation and highest standards to encrypt and protect email communications.

7. Control and autonomy of your personal information

The best private email services give you, the owner, rights of ownership and control. Your data is portable and not locked up by protocol and 3rd party controls. 

A private email allows you to make and administrate privacy settings with a few clicks, instead of complex scripting, coding, and settings.

And, the limitation of 3rd party policies and agendas that may not be in your best interest,

green_checkmark_rx Claiming ownership and control over as much of your personal information as you can, is one of the smartest and most strategic things you can decide to do today. 

8. Easy upgrade to Office 365

Microsoft uses a practical and layered approach to their security system. But, when sharing data with other, less optimally secure cloud services, another layer of protection is needed.

The added security of a private email domain also helps data shared and stored in other Microsoft products such as SharePoint and OneDrive, to remain secure.

green_checkmark_rx Private email services from Total Digital Security can be easily upgraded to Office 365 built-in.

9. Protect the privacy of your attachments

Many know email content needs to be protected, but are less aware of the cybersecurity risks in forwarding and sharing attachments such as pictures, PDFs, Microsoft Office Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slide decks.

How do you keep attachments and the information they hold secure?

green_checkmark_rxPrivate email encryption capabilities protect not only the email itself but also anything users attach to an email.

10. Get ready for the regulators

It doesn't matter the industry or profession, the trend is clear; more regulatory over-site is coming to protect the personal information of others.

green_checkmark_rxIf you deal with the trust of others in any capacity, personally or professionally, it's time to get ahead of increased liabilities and risks surrounding personal information.


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"Email Hackers are Winning"

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"Electronic mail as we know it is drowning in spam, forged phishing mails, and other scams and hacks. It’s going to get worse before it gets better."

The Atlantic Magazine - May 21st, 2018.  Read more.

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