VPNs can be cranky for the user. They're impatient, sensitive, and unforgiving. Without some context and critical thought, they'll drive you crazy at times. 

But we're committed to advocating for their everyday use because the effect is to make us invisible online - anonymous, private, secure, and safe.

Icon of WiFi use a VPN every dayWhy Are VPNs So Cranky?

In a word, it's complexity.

A VPN app represents a tangle of combined sciences and technologies that collectively deliver a value proposition that transcends economics, risk, and reward. Which is why we put up with them. 

Advanced software, huge math, device and network technology; all are pushed to their limits when our VPN is on. To deliver the proper user-experience takes and orchestra of participants working harmoniously and in tune.

Unfortunately, we don't experience a 100% success rate when software updates come fast and furious, when networks object to anonymity, or when our phones are multi-tasking at extreme levels. 

The science of encryption and VPNs is advancing considerably to make the service secure, yet easier for the user. We should expect more improvements in the coming months and years.


The confluence of complex activities on a VPN make troubleshooting difficult. But the basics still apply. 

  1. First, try turning the app off and on.
  2. Then, try restarting the device.
  3. Finally, try uninstall and reinstalling the app. If you are a TDS customer, request a link from support@totaldigitalsecurity.com

*** Always give the VPN app plenty of time to process changes, including the installation, uninstallation, and reinstallation processes.  

Tips for VPN Users

Status Bar

image of a VPN indicator on a smartphoneYour device's status bar shows a "VPN" icon when it's turned on and connected by WiFi.

*** Unfortunately, depending on your devices model, make, and operating system, the indicator is not the most reliable method of assuring the VPN is on.

The VPN app

The best way to confirm the VPN's status is with the app itself:

Screenshot of F-Secure Freedome VPN app main page

The app holds interesting information, options, and personal settings.

  • Explore the app to see what it can do for you, and which preferences work best for your needs and operating environment. 
  • Try tapping different elements of the screen interface - many features are found by drilling in to the next layer.
VPN Settings

In a VPN's app settings, look for an option labeled:


screenshot from iphone freedome vpn app settings page IKEv2-1

*** Experiment with the IKEv2 setting option when you encounter connection issues and diverse networks.

Support and FAQ's

If you need to contact us please find the online contact form on the Support page. A support case starts with the form and email. Include as much information and clarity about your issue as possible.

  • Screenshots are very helpful.

The VPN Support page is rich with all the information you need, including FAQ's and regular updates for users.

  • Getting to know your VPN will serve you a lifetime.
  • Using a VPN will ramp your use of encryption and anonymization across all your digital activities as cybersecurity innovation will continue to provide more tools that are better, easier, and cheaper with time.

Click below for the VPN Support page:


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