Using a VPN service is like having your own private airplane, private airspace, and private airport too -- all of your flights take the same route as others, but the way it gets there is along a flight path that only you can use. Like flying on a private airplane, the VPN carries your valuable data on a secure travel path available only to you, protecting anything and everything that travels on it.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a security network for all of your internet-connected devices.

green_checkmark_rxA virtual private network is created by linking all of your digital devices directly to a secure hub, so that all of the communication occurring from or to those devices passes only through that private, protected hub.

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What’s the difference between a VPN and other networks?

When you use a public wifi such as one you would access at cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, airports, hotels, and other public places, your information is being routed along a path that is accessible to anyone in your vicinity.

This is known as an unsecured network, and it means that your login credentials, such as a username or password, or any messages you send, or any websites you look at, can be captured by others as well.

green_checkmark_rxWith a private VPN service, on the other hand, your information is totally secure, as the VPN blocks anyone from accessing data from your device.


Global Access and Privacy with a VPN

In addition to offering the highest level of privacy, the best VPN service also allows you to gain access to websites that may be unavailable in other countries, or inaccessible due to restrictions on specific wifi networks.

Known as geo-restrictions, these restrictions  limit wifi users’ access to the information they may want or need, based on their location.

green_checkmark_rxWith a VPN provided by TDS, you have virtually unlimited access, as well as confidentiality.

Why do I need a Virtual Private Network?

If you’re reading the headlines, you know it’s a big deal.

Most people now have their entire personal record on the internet, and hackers are mining that information 24 / 7 for data they can use against us.

Through banking, shopping, browsing, email, and many other records made visible via public networks and security breaches, hackers are gaining access to information from every point conceivable, whether it’s Target, Gmail, Blue Cross, Equifax, or your local bank.

In the current digital age, it’s imperative we all participate in defending against those breaches.

The best VPN service secures all of your communications through an encrypted and impenetrable network defense that requires no additional hardware and is extremely user-friendly.

A Virtual Private Network, also referred to as a VPN, automatically encrypts everything you do online, making the information contained in your internet-connected devices virtually impossible to retrieve.

green_checkmark_rxWith a VPN service, you can connect to any network in the world and feel safe.

Who uses a VPN?

Businesses and individuals who value their information, their privacy, and their reputations use a VPN to secure their data.

As more and more businesses embrace the mobility that technology has given us, they’re also facing increasing threats to the sensitive information they keep and share. These companies choose to route their communications over a VPN for secure and convenient data sharing between offices and between employees.

A VPN allows business owners to approve or deny access to content stored on their computers and ensures that only those with permission are allowed access to information.

At the same time, safety-minded private individuals also use a VPN to keep their networks safe from hacking by cyber criminals, protecting their browsing information, location, credit card information, social security number and any other data that travels across the internet. Those who travel also appreciate the freedom of access a VPN allows in areas where network access might be limited.

green_checkmark_rxAnyone that wants to be invisible on the internet uses a VPN.

It reduces their digital footprint, keeps their information and communications safe on the internet, and keeps outsiders from tracking their location and activities. 

Looking for the best VPN service available?

The best VPN service is one that is completely undetectable to you or others, while providing the highest level of privacy.

Total Digital Security (TDS) offers the most secure virtual private network available, with automatic encryption for complete network and WiFi privacy and security, and no perceptible impact on your devices.

The VPN works on all devices including Windows, Apple Macs and iOS, and Androids.

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