Real Estate Pros and A New Version of Wire Fraud

Family Offices Real Estate Sales

If you want to see the state of innovation in crime around the world, watch what's happening in cyber. Smart and sophisticated criminals everywhere are re-tooling their craft for the greatest opportunity in the

Family Office Cyber Security Education and Training

Family Offices

Total Digital Security provides cyber security solutions and services directly to users including wealthy individuals and family members, family offices, and professional trusted advisors. 

CySEB - Cyber Security as an Employee Benefit

Family Offices Education, Training, and Speaking

In an era defined by digital technology, new sensibilities for survival and success are increasingly required for employees and organizations alike. The “Cyber Security as an Employee Benefit” (CySEB) program is an

Cyber Security for the Family Office - Education and Training Programs

Family Offices Education, Training, and Speaking

Try asking the following three questions of individuals and groups representing the family office and its multiple constituencies: "Do you think cyber risk is a big deal today?" "Do you think it will soon

Hedge Funds and Cyber Risk

Family Offices Device Protection

An Obama administration official showed up at the SALT conference last week to warn the hedge fund industry and its investors of the distinct risks they face from hackers and cyber terrorists. According to the

A Day in the Life of a Family Protected by Total Digital Security

Cybersecurity for Kids Cybersecurity for Home and Family Family Offices


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