Florida Bar CLE Requirements Increased - Tech Mandated for 2017

The Florida Bar recently announced a three-hour increase in its CLE requirements and is mandating technology-related CLE courses. The new requirement is 33 credit hours of approved continuing legal education activity every three years, effective January 1, 2017. Three of the 33 credit hours must be in approved technology programs.

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Florida Bar CLE Training - Cyber Security for the Florida Lawyer

"The New Face of Risk" for the Florida Lawyer."

Tuesday, November 1st 2016

  • Check-in: 07:45am 
  • General Session: 8:00am - 10:00am

This course is designed to advance knowledge of the subject-matter, deepen understanding of critical concepts and drivers, and position you for survival and success in the Digital Age. 

  • Fiducary responsibilities and the protection of PII and NPPI - effective tools and techniques.
  • Digital assets, passwords, and estate planning.
  • More...

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Realtors® Association of Palm Beach - Cyber Security for the Realtor®

Total Digital Security is holding an ongoing series of education and training sessions for members of the RAPB - Realtors® Association of Palm Beach. Two-hour sessions are free for members, and we are available for on-site presentations for offices, office managers, and teams.

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Cyber Security Education and Training

Total Digital Security provides cyber security training programs that range from comprehensive, employee-wide education and testing, to workshops for professional groups, learning accreditation, C-suites, and compliance related personnel. From the individual to the enterprise, our years of experience in the field provides us data and observations mined from the real-world of people, technology, and risk.

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CLE Accredited Training in Cyber Security for Lawyers

Accredited CLE Training  - Cyber Security for Lawyers

This course focuses on individuals and the technology they use every day, specifically from the view of a trusted professional advisor in the field of law.  The training is designed to broaden knowledge of the subject-matter, deepen understanding of critical concepts and drivers, to advance known industry best-practices, and provide practical measures that protect personally and professionally.

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