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Cybercrime damages in 2019 are expected to reach $1.5 trillion. By 2021, damages will reach as much as $6 trillion. That's a 4x in just the next two years. The astronomical growth in cybercrime is in part driven by

F-Secure Wins Best Computer Security Award. Again

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F-Secure has won the "Best Protection" award by AV-Test for 2018. The win marks the sixth time winning the first place award since 2011. The consistent performance by F-Secure sets a fantastic record, especially when

The Gates of Wrath

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Sometimes explaining digital risk and cybersecurity takes imagination. For me, metaphors and analogies abound. Here's another one; think of advanced cybersecurity systems as gates operated by really smart,

Cybersecurity: It's Getting a Little Better - All the Time

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The Beatles once sang that “I have to admit it’s getting better ... a little better., all the time.” You might not read about it in the headlines, cybersecurity threat protection technology is getting better all the

Apple Mac and iOS Devices are Increasingly Coming Under Attack

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  We're in the field every day, where the rubber-hits-the-road when it comes to cyber crime, online fraud, and how it affects individuals and their personal technology.  With a finger on the pulse and the perspective

F-Secure for Device Security

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F-Secure, one of our preferred IT security vendors was in the news last week. Tech research leader Gartner,Inc. named the Helsinki-based firm a "Visionary" in their 2016 "Magic Quadrant" report - the highly

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