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Computer, Laptop, and Android Protection Service$69/yr.

Now, you're in control.

For Windows, Apple Computers, and Androids

  • Antivirus.
  • Data Theft Protection
  • Malicious Application Controls
  • Intruder Prevention System
All automatically, pre-emptively, and in real-time.

Device Security

A complete set of solutions that secures Windows and Macintosh computers, laptops, and Android smartphones.


Dynamic Monitoring & Management

Real-time protection that responds to the external threat environment as it evolves and develops.


Stay One Step Ahead

You will be protected automatically, preemptively and proactively with automatic security and system updates that keep your device current and secure.


Total Protection From the Best

Your device will be protected with enterprise-grade services from F-Secure. This is not retail antivirus software and you can't get it on the App or Play stores.


F-Secure for Device Security


Highly effective, easy to install and use, and surprisingly affordable, the F-Secure PSB device security solution includes the following features for protecting Windows and Macintosh computers, Windows servers, and all Android mobile devices:


  • F-Secure DeepGuard 2.- A cloud-based technology that protects all subscribers within 60 seconds from the first confirmation of a new threat on the Internet.

  • High+Technology+Centre+Ruoholahti+Helsinki+25009.jpgF-Secure Blacklight - This technology prevents concealed rootkits from attacking your computer or smartphone.

  • F-Secure Anti-Virus - F-Secure research labs publish and update virus definitions more frequently than any other antivirus software vendor in the market. Our customers are automatically updated within 60 seconds of a new virus or spyware confirmation.

  • Internet Shield - Internet Shield protects the computer against intruders, unauthorized attempts to connecting to your computer or phone, and insider attacks and information theft.

  • Firewall- Firewall protection is "on" even when the computer is not connected to the Internet. The firewall software automatically updates the next time an Internet connection is made.

  • **F-Secure Software Updater - Scans and reports missing updates for 3rd party software and deploys security updates automatically. This includes updates to Microsoft, Adobe Flash, Java, OpenOffice, archive managers, media players, and image viewers, all which are prone to vulnerabilities.


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For a short video on how Device Security and Remote Monitoring and Management works to protect pre-emptively, please click below:


Because it won't be getting better anytime soon.

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