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Cyber Security for Life


Total Digital Security was formed in 2013 in anticipation of  the emerging "Democratization of Cyber Risk" - Since then, cyber risk has become our #1 risk personally, professionally, nationally, and globally, and we have never been more committed to our original mission:

"To find the best IT security technology available to anyone, anywhere, and make it accessible, easy to use, and affordable to the rest of us."

TDS provides commercial-class cybersecurity security solutions to professional practitioners and trusted advisors, individual consumers, homes, and families, and the many small to medium sized businesses that rely on keeping their customers and information safe and confidential.

We use advanced, software-defined solutions that eliminate the need for hardware and IT support, and we believe cyber security is a service, not a product you can buy and sell.

Total Digital Security's mission is to be our customers' trusted partner for all things related to their cyber risk; the threats they face, the technology that will protect them, and the counsel they need to stay smart and safe.


 TDS_Circle_transparent_v1.png Total Digital Security - At the Intersection of People, Technology, and Risk.



Cyber Security Software Solutions

1) Device Security - for Apple OSX, Windows, and Android Machines - Remote Monitoring for Real-Time Protection 24/7.

2) VPNs - Enterprise-Grade Virtual Private Network Systems for Auto-Encryption of All Online Activities.

3) Private EMail Domains - Email Systems Built for Email with Exceptional Levels of Privacy and Security, not Information Mining.

4) Digital Vaults - for the Documents That Should Not be on a Cloud.


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Cyber Security Education

SDAR_workshop_Brad.jpgWe combine our decades of experience with technology and risk management at the large enterprise level in the financial services sector, with our years of data, observation, and direct experience of in-the-field, real-world applications at the individual and small-group size levels. Read more here: 





What We Do - Cyber Security Solutions


1) Analyze the Threat Environment - We follow what's happening in cyber risk - how criminals, terrorists, and hackers are evolving - and analyze the trends in online threats to determine what specific risks threaten our customer base and market segments.

2) Follow Innovation in the Cybersecurity Industry - Fresh, smart capital is innovating and disrupting the traditional IT security industry, and the consumer is benefiting like never before. We find the technology that will best defend our customers and their personal technology.

3) We Match the Technology to the Customer - To keep our customers safe and optimally positioned for the future, we leverage the best the cybersecurity industry has to offer but stay independent from proprietary technology and lock-ins.

4) We Make It Easy - We guide customers toward product selection, installation, and ongoing use of the technology that will protect them, their information, and their personal technology.

We are always available to help, coach, advise, teach, and learn - and will proactively inform you of all you need to know to live safely, securely, and successfully in the Digital Age.


Cyber Security that works everywhere, all the time, across all of your devices, LIKE YOU! 

The Four Fundamentals of Cyber Security for Life.

Our approach is based on "The Four Fundamentals of Cyber Security", and solving for each one of them using the best IT security technology available anywhere. These are enterprise-class technologies, and not typically available through retail channels or App stores.


#1 - Protect Your Devices

Your phone, computer, laptop, pad, - whatever you own and use to access the internet needs to be protected from viruses, external intruders, data loss, malicious apps, and a host of other threats that barrage our technology every day.

#2 - Protect Your Online Connection

When you are on the internet - browsing, banking, shopping, using passwords - all should be encrypted by a VPN. Your online activities are invisible to others at cafe's, on public WiFi, in airports, hotels, or any other network in the world. Privacy, security, and your personal safety are automatic with a VPN.

#3 - Establish a Private Email Domain

Private email is your first step toward digital autonomy in the Information Age. A private email service - one that you own and control. There’s no scanning and reselling of your email information to large retailers, advertising groups, or data brokers. All of your email communications and files are private and secure.

#4 - Protect Your Sensitive Documents

Keep the important stuff safe - legal documents, tax returns, health care records, identification information, passwords, client information - all should be kept off the cloud, and especially secure from theft and loss. Free apps for convenient sharing, sending, and receiving as well as a beneficiary mechanism for inheritance of documents and passwords are essential.

The Association for Financial Professionals  published AFP_14_Logo_Red.png"The   Four Fundamentals of Cyber Security" - available here.  


How We Do It

Remarkable progress across all of digital technology is contributing to a new generation of innovation in cyber security products and services.

Examples include:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Algorithms
  • Powerful software
  • Cloud-enabled infrastructure
  • Increasing levels of automation
  • Decreasing needs for technical support


These new technologies in cybersecurity are "smart", automatically updated, and constantly optimized for efficacy in the ever-changing threat environment. We help our customers use this technology to create a cyber-secure environment that works everywhere, all of the time, and with little or no input required of themselves.  

F-Secure_pääkonttori.jpg       i6odNzEH2JvQ.jpg    attack_map_1.png

Offshore options are available, including a network operations center in Helsinki Finland for device security, and servers for email and document storage facilities in Zurich, Switzerland - real servers, built and maintained by Swiss engineers.

Who We Do It For

Most IT security companies focus on selling to large organizations and see our target markets as too small and fragmented. Our customers are typically neglected by the industry and are not aware of the highly effective and affordable solutions that are available today.

Since 2013, Total Digital Security has uniquely focused on these smaller markets, informing them of products and technologies they otherwise may not be aware of, but are highly capable of suiting their needs and significantly reducing their risk.

Our customers include:

  • Professional practices and family offices.
  • Home and remote offices.
  • Trusted advisors - real estate agents, consultants, deal teams.
  • Small businesses and regulated PCI and HIPAA operations.
  • Nonprofit organizations.
  • Perimeter environments for larger entities.
  • Individuals and families.


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