Online digital vaults for sensitive and treasured electronic files are the safe deposit box of the future. Some of our most precious possessions today are in digital format and data is fast becoming the most valuable asset of the 21st century. In today’s post, we will tell you how to create a permanent digital vault for you and your family that is easy to use and can last for generations. It is secure, off the cloud (but feels cloud-like), safe from fire and other natural disasters, and protected from the daily attacks on our privacy and personal information.


There are some things you don't put on clouds.

  • Scans of passports, social security cards, birth certificates, and other personal identification documents.

  • Legal documents like wills, trusts, deeds, and titles.

  • Professional licenses and certificates.

  • Medical and healthcare records.

  • Insurance policies and ID cards.

  • Precious images and irreplaceable scans.

  • Passwords.

Our preferred provider for online digital vaults is SecureSafe, located in Switzerland, a country long recognized for its political and financial stability and strong legal protection for rights to privacy.

SecureSafe has been in the business of secure online storage since 2008 and is considered a standard provider for many multi-national banks and insurance companies. They serve over 700,000 customers worldwide.

The SecureSafe system is built for privacy and security from the ground up, not scaling and information mining like so many other providers. Using SecureSafe is easy and feels like a cloud-based file storage service.

At SecureSafe, no one can access your files (including their staff) but you or those you authorize. Their software and architecture are developed by Swiss engineers with years of experience in the field of privacy.

SecureSafe Digital Vault Features

  • Data stored with triple redundancy, mirrored across high-security data centers located exclusively in Switzerland.digital_online_vault.jpg

  • Double encryption of documents from end-to-end, specific to the customer.

  • An uptime of 99.99% with zero incidents of lost data.

  • Free mobile apps that include Touch ID login and auto-synching across devices and platforms.

  • Sharing, sending and receiving files as large as 2gb.

  • Dual authentication option using SMS.

  • Beneficiary Inheritance feature.

  • An ad-free service that will never sell your data.

  • Beneficiary inheritance. 

Designated Beneficiary Inheritance

One unique and very cool feature of SecureSafe is its Data Inheritance feature that makes it easy to assign beneficiaries to any document or password you chose.

If anything happens to you, the information is passed to your designated beneficiary, free of probate and estate litigation.

SecureSafe is ideal for businesses and professional practices as well as individual and family use. It can be white-labeled with your company’s name and logo, and makes a great value-added service for any business that wants to respect the confidentiality of their customers' data.

For reference: Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Accounts Act (UFADAA) -

Advantages of SecureSafe for a Business

  • Digital collaboration for boards and deal teams.

  • Simple set up with no training required.

  • Notifications and activity journal.

  • Global, highly secure access.

  • Collaboration with suppliers.

  • Audit trail.

  • Perfect add-on to internal DMS.

  • Admin portal.

The Swiss Advantage

swiss_cow_total_digital_security.jpgSecureSafe's Data Vaults are stored in a highly secure facility built inside
a mountain on the outskirts of Zurich, Switzerland. They operate at the highest levels security, stability, and redundancy.

For highly secure and easy to function document and data security, SecureSafe stands out as the standard-bearer in its field.

You can buy a SecureSafe Digital Vault for a 10% savings now.

  • Less than $60 per year for 20gb.digital_vault_securesafe_mobile-devices.png

  • Buy now for 10% savings on Individual and Team Space vaults from Zurich-based SecureSafe Digital Vaults. 

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  • Choose SecureSafe SILVER for 20gb or SecureSafe Gold for 100gb.


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