The leading provider of digital vaults is a Swiss firm, SecureSafe. SecureSafe's parent company is DSwiss, a secure electronic document storage provider for most major Swiss banks and insurance companies.  They've been in the business of digital vaults since 2008.

I've been using SecureSafe for my personal use for about five years and am delighted with the service and value it provides.  In the past, it was clunky to use, and some folks struggled with it.  Over the years, they have improved usability and added features that lead me to believe the service is now suitable for TDS clients. 


Recently, I asked SecureSafe if they would offer TDS clients an incentive to consider a digital vault of their own.  The firm responded with an enthusiastic "Yes!"


  There is a free version of SecureSafe if you want to test drive it first, and at the end of this email, you will find a voucher code good for a 25% discount on the paid version.


What is a digital vault?


It's advisable not to store certain documents on public clouds like Dropbox, Box, iCloud, or their equivalents.   


Examples include:


  • Legal and financial documents, like tax returns, wills, and trusts.


  • Healthcare records.


  • Scans of personal IDs such as drivers' licenses, passports, Social Security cards, and such.
  • Password lists.


   A digital vault is ideal for keeping sensitive documents and records off the internet yet maintaining control with easy accessibility and management.

image of a digital vault and sensitive documents for secure storage

How does the SecureSafe digital vault work?


The SecureSafe digital vaults are on real servers located in highly secure facilities in Zurich.  There are no "back doors" and the company maintains a "zero-knowledge" policy. 


✓  SecureSafe's zero-knowledge policy means no one but you has access to or can see the contents of your vault.  Not even SecureSafe employees.


Here's an abbreviated list of SecureSafe's privacy features:


  • Multiple encryption and Swiss bank safety mechanisms are built-in.


  • Two certified data centers, which fulfill the privacy and redundancy requirements of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA. 


  • All files are protected by a disaster recovery plan, set up in such a way that all files are stored three times in two geographically distinct data centers.


✓   One of the data centers is located in a former military bunker deep in the Swiss mountains built for total autonomy and self-sustainability.



Some consider the SecureSafe service as the Fort Knox of digital vaults.


Features of the SecureSafe digital vault


Here's a partial list of the features built into SecureSafe:


  • The browser-based management console is cloud-like, but off the cloud and on real servers.


  • Desktop and mobile apps with built-in encryption and cross-device synchronization.


  • A "data inheritance" feature that in cases of incapacity to act or death, previously designated relatives and business partners receive selected passwords and files.  Your wishes are met without probate or litigation.
  • A "SecureSend" feature for sharing encrypted files up to 2 GB in size to any recipient of your choice.


SecureSafe digital vault installed on all devices


25% discount code for TDS clients


For a 25% discount on the paid version of SecureSafe for Pro, Silver, and Gold subscriptions, visit the page below using the password:




TDS does not maintain a business relationship with SecureSafe, and this offer is made as a courtesy to our clients. 


If you would like assistance in ordering, installing and using SecureSafe, please contact us at Computer Coaching.


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