Digital Security and The FamilyHome and family are increasingly under attack from cyber-criminals around the world.


Case Study - Total Digital Security and the Family.

A few hours in the life of a busy, productive family protected by Total Digital Security.

Scenario based on actual client experiences.


It’s almost 7 pm on a Tuesday and Dave is on his way to meet clients for dinner at his favorite restaurant downtown. His wife, Sarah, has her weekly yoga class and will be home late too. Their daughter, Kate, is at home planning for her first trip abroad this summer and their son, Tyler, is off at school starting his freshman year. It's another busy day in a busy week for this family of four, and while Dave is thinking about his kids and the adventures they face, he's glad the family uses modern, mobile technology to stay connected, close, and always in touch.


In a moment of contemplation, it occurs to Dave that in spite of Kate and Tyler moving into adulthood and that at times great distances will be between each family member, still they will be sharing experiences in ways not possible even just a generation ago. The family has always been close, and the kids grew up in the age of emerging mobile technology, so texts, emails, photos, videos and the rest has become part of their everyday routine. While at times, between work, family and their lives individually,  the flow of information can seem overwhelming, Dave thinks about the alternative and knows he and Sarah wouldn't have it any other way.


As Dave nears the restaurant, he shifts his thoughts to the upcoming meeting and what he hopes to accomplish over dinner. Then, at a red light, Dave notices a text from Tyler asking for a credit card number to pay for school books online. Moments later when pulling up to the restaurant and handing the keys to the valet, Dave gets another text. It's from Kate, and she’s asking for copies of her birth certificate and passport to send to the embassy for her travel visa this summer. Dave knows both kids are anxious to get the information they requested and he's a few minutes early so feels good that he will be able to help them before his clients arrive. 


Once inside the restaurant the maitre'd sees Dave and leads him toward his regular table. He gets right to it and uses his smartphone to send the kids the information and documents they need. With a sigh of relief and satisfaction, he knows that they appreciate him always being responsive and there for them. Additionally, he knows the sensitive information they are trading is safe and secure from hackers, thieves, and aggressive marketing companies, and that family, members won't be tracked, sniffed, snooped or spied on by anyone, malicious or otherwise. Dave and Sarah are smart, in control of their digital information, and well positioned to leverage fully the magic of technology for all it's worth, and they have the satisfaction gained from creating a system for their family that will keep their family cyber-safe for many, many years to come.


Looking up, Dave sees his clients and after the handshakes and greetings, they right away ask if he can get a copy of last year's contract. They have an idea they want to discuss over dinner but need to recall some details. Dave texts his assistant, who's at home by now and tells her he needs the contract sent from her laptop, ASAP. As soon as he hangs up with his assistant, Dave sees a text from Sarah. Kate’s doctor had called and he is sending Sarah the medical reports she had requested for Kate’s visa. It reminded her to ask Dave to send the final travel itinerary for Kate's trip abroad so she could add it to the family calendar. 


Does the activity with this family sound familiar? For many around the world, this is not far-fetched at all, and we use the scenario to illustrate the application of cyber security to everyday, mainstream life that we lead as individuals, family members, and professionals. With Total Digital Security’s services, the family in this hypothetical example will communicate and operate simply and seamlessly, but with an exceptionally high level of privacy, security and physical safety.

Here's how:


green_checkmark_rx.jpegEach member of Dave and Sarah’s family subscribes their phones and portable computers to our 24/7 Device Protection Service, blocking viruses and malware, keeping intruders out, and their Digital Security Protectiondata and personal information safe. They automatically receive regular system and software updates that if left unchecked would significantly increase their risk to online attack. And, within 60 seconds of the development and identification of a new online threat, the 24/7 Device Protection service updates and defends their phones and computers automatically, with no input, changes, or inconvenience to any of them. Read more about Device Security here: "Be Preemptive and Protect Your Computing Device.


green_checkmark_rx.jpegEach device is also protected by our VPN service that encrypts everything they do online, including Decrease Scammingbrowsing, banking, and shopping. The VPN makes them invisible and anonymous on the internet, including when on public WiFi networks anywhere in the world. You can read more about VPN's here: "3 Reasons to Start Using A VPN, Every Day."


green_checkmark_rx.jpegAt home, the family’s network is protected by My Digital Shield, the most innovative and effective personal Internet security technology available today. It completely seals the home, so the family’s Clean your Digital Securitynetwork is secure, their data is safe, and everything connected to the Internet is protected from all online threats. My Digital Shield is so effective, the level of security it provides exceeds even the most stringent requirements for HIPAA and PCI security and privacy compliance. When Dave and Sarah think about the level of personal information they share online, they want that level of protection too. Read more about My Digital Shield here: "Plug-and-Play Network Security."


green_checkmark_rx.jpegDave and Sarah used their SecureSafe digital vault to send Kate her identification documents, and their doctor emailed Sarah the medical reports directly to the vault, giving Sarah immediate but Life with Digital Protectionhighly secure access. Dave’s assistant sent the contract directly to his digital vault so he could immediately access it by phone or laptop. Documents sent in and out of the SecureSafe digital vault are encrypted end-to-end but no one needed keys, passwords, or special procedures.SecureSafe includes free mobile apps for their iPhones and Android devices, and can be securely accessed from any browser on any computer. Read more about Digital Vaults here: "Digital Vaults for Security and Posterity."


green_checkmark_rx.jpegDave, Sarah, and the kids also use our UltraSecure Domain and Email Services for their family. They decided to “privatize” long ago after having their "free" Gmail, MSN, and AOL email accounts Digiital Securityhacked over and over, their credit cards stolen time and again, and being scammed once too often on “free” email and data storage services. Now, they would have it no other way. They don’t worry about IP tracking, metadata scanning, or data loss. Also, by establishing a family digital domain they have established a multi-generational digital hub for the family; a "cyber-safe-room" that the children and grandchildren will use for generations to come.  Read more about privatizing your own email account here: "Privatize Your Email and Reclaim Control of Your Personal Information."

Years ago, Dave and Sarah made a conscious decision to use technology to keep the family close and connected. But, they knew they wanted their electronic communications and information safe and secure from the increasingly hostile environment families everywhere now face online.

After some research, they decided on Total Digital Security for our focus on cyber-safe families and our offerings of enterprise-grade information security solutions. Dave and Sarah knew that with time their use of technology would invariably only increase to include most all aspects of their daily lives as individuals, family members, and professionals, and decided they would take the responsibility and create an eco-system of cyber security that would serve effectively, simply, and affordably for many, many years to come.

Our solutions bring state-of-the-science IT security technology and make them accessible to all. The systems are highly effective, easy to use, surprisingly affordable, and we focus on long-term solutions that will serve as the foundation for protecting over the long-term against an ever-evolving threat.

As an example of our cyber security services, see how we create highly secure, private email domains for individuals, families, and trusted professionals here:




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