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"Thank you for helping install the various cyber security tools. I am thrilled with the new protection offered by Total Digital Security! Given that my business is conducted on the road, and I’m often on public WiFi, it gives me peace of mind to know that others can’t access my information while working from local coffee shops!"

Marilla S. - Landscape Architect

"After seven years of trial and error we finally have confidence in a company that provides best of class security for our business and personal internet use, on line payments, and email correspondence.  We are more than happy to endorse TDS and share their information with you."

 Bill B. - as shared on his business' Facebook page.

"I want to thank everyone at Total Digital Security. I feel very confident with your company providing internet security, a private email account, and VPN on my computers and cell phone.

The customer service that I have received is top notch. When I have had any problems or issues, you team has been on top of things, without delay. Everyone is courteous and very responsive. Knowing that your company will work to resolve any issue that may arise, and constantly updates internet security without any work or download on my part, is crucial.

Your newsletters also provide helpful and important information on what is happening in the world of internet, as they happen.

In this age of technology, having a company that has been proactive is critical. Your pricing is very competitive and very affordable to individuals as well as corporations."

Gail B. - Real Estate Broker, Cincinnati, OH

"Not only did TDS respond to my initial inquiry promptly, when the going got tough due to the computer's virus, they hung in there and went to great measures to resolve the issue. If there were 10 stars, I would rank TDS as a Perfect Ten!" 

Elaine B. - Traveling Executive

"TDS took the time to walk me through the install even though it was very straight forward. They have been very quick to respond to any questions I had. I would highly recommend them."    

Mark H. - Corporate CFO

"Today, I said more than my fair share of "🦆” and “💩” - and other choice words that don’t have emojis!  But happiness is reaching out to an “old” friend and getting the tools you need to save your sanity - and business!  Thank you, Total Digital Security for being there - and keeping my business safe!"

Tove S. - Business Owner

"You guys are awesome - always there for me. Thank you for your help!"

Lisa S. - Real Estate Broker, San Diego, CA

"I was having all types of computer spam, malware and pop-ups on all the different computers in my office and the ones outside staff use as well. After a few days the issues are gone completely. The follow up from TDS staff is top notch, ask a question and a few minuets later the answer is there in your inbox "  

Ray B. - Insurance Company Owner, Palm Beach, FL

"As always TDS is always a pleasure to work with. It took some doing on their part but my computer is now working like a charm Thanks so much for your patience and getting my computer working again." 

 Angela L. - Commercial Real Estate Property Manager

"TDS was great to work with, they are quick to respond to all my questions, and their answers were thorough and easy for me to understand. They took on different issues as they arose and handled them accordingly. Really pleased with the job they did."  

 David M. JD - Attorney and Consultant

"TDS did a great job in helping me out ! My computer was slow and virus filled but was running smooth after 2 online and over the phone communications. TDS went above and beyond to make sure everything was right. I have highly recommended Total Digital Security to all my friends and I even got my 85 year old Mother covered by TDS!"  

  James F. - Construction Business Owner

TDS was great...we worked together for several hours but got the job done to my enormous gratitude. I would definitely use them again.   

 Sheila F.  - Housewife and Work from Home Mom

"My experience with TDS was outstanding. They were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable, making my set-up a walk in the park! they honestly went above and beyond in explaining all the aspects of the company and why it is beneficial to me. They are easily accessible to assist in any way possible. It was an overall excellent experience!"

Allan C. - Retired Businessman & Private Investor

Working with TDS was a truly enlightening experience. You think you know everything, until you find out that you don't. I feel safer than ever with my online activity, and am confident that I have finally found (and after a lot of searching) the solution to the sketchiness that is happening all around us on the cyberweb. I am a full-time student with several jobs, including online jobs, and am finding how much of a target we ALL are to the madness. This has become a seamless transition, as I find all of my devices working faster, more fluidly, up-to-date, and with continuous protection from the endless invaders of my personal life. I am happy to have found TDS and am excited to share my experience with all of my friends. I finally feel safe online. What a relief!  

  Kendall D.  - Journalist

"Total Digital Security keeps up on all the latest viruses. That's not something I need to worry about. Whenever there is a problem with my computer, and it's not necessarily anything to do with them, I call and they fix the problem right away. Their service is impeccable."  

 Chris G. - Corporate Executive

"My computer was running slowly and I didn't realize how many third party updates I was missing. He identified the problem quickly and took the time to educate me on the importance of securing my computer and my mobile device. My computer is running better than new now plus I have protection for my android phone which I never even thought I needed."    

  Diane K. - Private Company Executive

"Brad is passionate about his business and protecting his clients. He is able to transform a very intimidating and widely misunderstood threat into an opportunity to gain peace of mind. Brad is the most knowledgable person in the field of internet security and safeguarding your digital life. The TDS solution is the best in the field."  

  Marc D. - Corporate Executive and Father

TDS was great. I had an issue, emailed them and they got RIGHT back to me. They continued to email me letting me know what was going on. Great customer service.   

 Suzee E.  - Trusted Client Advisor

"You start to realize so much of what we do is valuable to hackers, and the persistence of the risk is something you can't ignore anymore. You are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!"

Rick S. - Law Firm Partner

“Our resources are limited, and we can’t afford bad decisions. Thanks for adding clarity and confidence to the process. We’re very happy with the outcome and feel cyber risk is finally manageable for us.”

Mario. F. - Nonprofit Board Member

“Your company came to our rescue. We never had the tech support we needed and no one was addressing our cyber risk concerns. That changed starting with our first call to you.”

Carla B. - Director Nonprofit Organization

"I would like to thank you for the most interesting and inspiring seminars related to protection in the digital world we live in. I have received many complementary responses from participants at today’s event and previous talks you have given. I really appreciate your message. Your presentation is clear, concise and informative. We look forward to scheduling more programs with you in the near future."

Dr. Marcy W. - Ph.D, LCSW, HR Director

"Total Digital Security outlined the various ways we can better protect our families and it was a blessing for us all. The Company's business approach is innovative and serves a critical need in today’s “hacker-plagued” society."

Michael S. - SFO Director

"We wanted a specialist, we didn't want complicated hardware, and we needed to know we were secure. Thank you TDS. You delivered."

Charles J. - Business Owner

"It finally happened, my business was hacked and I paid the price. I needed to make good decisions. Fast. Thanks for being there every step of the way."

Joan B. - Business Owner

"I wanted to be sure my cybersecurity decisions were smart and informed, and I wanted to know I would be supported when I needed it. You haven't let me down."

Andres G. - Business Owner


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