Mark the moment - cybercrime has joined terrorism as one of the two pillars of existential threats in the world. On July 7th, the UK's NCA (think FBI for the Brits) reported cybercrime is now #1 in the country, surpassing all other forms of crime. Rough math from the report calculates roughly 3% of the entire population has been victimized, but the true figure?  "... the problem is likely far worse,... cybercrime is vastly under-reported by victims." - The UK's National Crime Agency.


 We coined "The Democratization of Cyber Risk" in 2012, and can't avoid the irony that the country that invented common law has pronounced cybercrime as the #1 law-breaking force in the nation. 

“I hope that senior members of UK business, and not only those involved in the protection of their IT systems, take note of its contents and think seriously about ways that they can improve their defences and help law enforcement in the fight against cyber crime.”  

Jamie Saunders, Director NCA National Cyber Crime Unit, July 7th, 2016.

To read the NCA's report:


Considering the enormous economic incentive hacking provides to anyone that wants in, and the utter lack of preparedness across public and private sectors alike, its not too hard to extrapolate what the next several years hold.

For the remainder of the decade, it's a Golden Age for professional criminals.

Cybercrime - Its a Perilous Planet.

A predictable outlook for the next 3-5 years.

The historically unprecedented risk/reward equation of cybercrime is going to be exploited all the way down the food-chain of the Internet - not stopping until it juices every last caplillary that sews the fringes of the global network.


  • Because it can. And, it's getting easier and more profitable with time.
  • Because to so many, it is worth it on levels not held with traditional crime: 
    • Unlimited upside with loot that is anonymous, portable, and liquid (digital currencies)

    • Ease of perpetration and location independent.

    • Potential consequences are low, comparitively.

    • Zero potential of injury or death.

And the list goes on - cybercrime is the defacto perfect crime.

Eventually, forces will be imposed to neutralize the phenonen, but until then - all bets are off and it's the Wild, Wild West. Or is it the Perilous, Perilous, Planet?

What can you do about it?

What can you do about the exponential growth of cybercrime and its persistent threat? Well, the wrong answer is to wait for the government, law enforcement, or the corporate sector to figure it out. 

The risk is too high, the potential consequences too severe, and the progress to slow to not take personal responsibility for what you care about most - the security and safety of you, your family, and your business.

The good news?

There are highly effective solutions that reduce the risk substantially, and they are affordable to most anyone that cares to take action personally, professionally, and permanently.

Total Digital Security uniquely finds the best IT security tech available anywhere, and we do three things:

  1. Make it accessible to anyone.

  2. Make it easy to use without IT expertise or support.

  3. Provide it at prices anyone can afford.

For context and framing of how to protect from your #1 risk today, we developed a short video we call "The Four Fundamentals to Cyber Security." These are the four components of your digital life that must be under your control and protected.

You can view it here:

If you defend these four elements of your digital-self, you have created an eco-system of cybersecurity.


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