In August, we said the time is nigh to say "Goodbye Google" and cleave more Big Tech from our lives. Then last month, we recommended saying "Hello Brave" and setting the browser as your default for privacy and control of your personal information. 


Such moves fall into the category of "seeking digital autonomy," and we've written and presented on it about it since 2015. The response is either a scrunch of the nose or a roll of the eyes in many cases.


But over the years, some "got it," and more are beginning to understand that our privacy and personal information are relentlessly under attack by Big Tech and Big Government. These stakes are high, and without self-initiative, it is sure not to end well.


The notion that digital autonomy is an intelligent and timely strategy is gaining momentum. On September 6th, Blake Masters from the Wall Street Journal wrote in "Reclaiming Our Independence From Big Tech:"


"Google can swing an election. Facebook knows more about you than your spouse does. Amazon's Alexa can record your living room conversations. Yet for all the talk about the Big Tech threat, these companies keep getting bigger, more powerful, and more abusive."


"These companies take this data (our personal information) and sell precisely targeted ads so effective they verge on predatory. They then optimize their platforms to keep you online to receive ever more ads. It is time to reclaim our independence."


Seeking digital autonomy is intelligent, timely, and crucial to finding privacy and security in the Digital Age.


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