The biggest misconception that companies large and small have about cyber security is that it is expensive to buy and complicated to use. But in fact, the industry is emerging from stale and ineffective, to innovative and affordable and bringing remarkably effective solutions that are available to all. Here we'll explain how and why.


For the last decade or so our experience with digital security has been fair, at best. A few market dominating incumbent providers held tremendous influence over the sales channels in the IT security industry and, as a result, we saw very little innovation in the area of small enterprise security. The solutions were clunky to operate, less than effective, and insufficient, certainly in terms of the hostile online environment we live in today.

The mega-breaches of the past two years have resulted in pressure from consumers and government agencies for answers that work and are brought to market faster. Wall Street and Silicon Valley have obliged. Significant capital investment by VC’s, cyber-related M&A transactions, and lofty stock multiples, are all indicative of customer and investor markets that are demanding increasingly effective and innovative products and solutions. 

The new guard is leapfrogging the incumbents, empowered by a fresh slate, ambitious entrepreneurs, new technologies, and eager capital. The result is a surge in new solutions that are disrupting the incumbents by utilizing cloud-enabled technologies, powerful software, and an SECaaS (Managed Cyber Security as a Service) business model. Now, potent, easy-to-use solutions are available and affordable even to small businesses and professional practices, and just very recently, to individuals and families as well.

Cyber risk is a big deal on every level. As Apple chief Tim Cook said in his keynote at the Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection, in Palo Alto, California a couple of weeks ago, "We must get this right." Yes, we must get this right on all levels including Federal and local governments, corporate, non-profit, individual and family.

We are living in exciting times and, fortunately, the power of exponentially progressing technology is coming to cyber security. The world's information and knowledge is a click away, and with good measures we will enjoy it without fear and risk. 

Thanks for reading.

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