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Online resources and help for Virtual Private Network services from Total Digital Security.

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Getting Started

VPNs can be cranky, but paying attention will introduce you to a world of information and settings preferences. So take your time, explore, restart when you have to, and give everything time to "settle in" before moving to the next step too quickly.

Status Bar

Your device's status bar shows a "VPN" icon when Freedome is turned on. 

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When you are not actively accessing the internet, the VPN turns off to preserve battery life, and automatically turns on when you need it again.

Depending on the conditions, this indicator may not show even though the VPN is operating.

Explore the app

The app holds a world of information. Explore it's features and settings preferences to suit your needs and operating environment. 

Virtual Location

Virtual Location masks your physical location.


When you connect to the Internet without a VPN, your device is assigned an address that identifies where you are.  With Freedome, you can select a virtual location and keep your physical position private.  When you choose a virtual location, it gives your device an address in the country you select.


For best performance, use the virtual location nearest to your physical location.

Tracking Blocker


Nearly everything you do online is tracked, and the data is stored - usually by unaccountable parties and for indefinite periods of time.

Not with your VPN!

Data meant to target and manipulate you is blocked and your privacy is assured.  

Tracking Blocker makes your online browsing smoother and you will notice websites load faster. 

Encryption and Tunneling

Encryption and tunneling are the two, key features of the VPN.

Not only are your online activities scrambled to anyone on the outside, but your traffic is also routed around or through the "public" network - tunneled away from the hostilities the internet experiences more and more every day.

Read more about encryption and tunneling, here.


Stay safe by keeping your VPN "ON"!


Support and FAQ's

The VPN Support page is rich with all the information you need, including FAQ's and regular updates for users.

Click below for the Support page.